Gesine Bullock-Prado, professional baker and author of Bake It Like
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Platinum yeast

Red Star® Platinum Superior Baking Yeast®

makes baking homemade bread a cinch, providing professional results every time.
This simple-to-use yeast strengthens and improves your dough, increasing oven spring
and finished volume of any recipe.
It’s the yeast you can trust!

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“Platinum is like a miracle working little packet of yeast.” — Sally McKenney,

“Platinum’s the best! It’s all I use anymore, regardless of what kind of recipe I’m making. Never fails me.”
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“Platinum will make you look like a rock star on your first try! No proofing the yeast, no crazy temperatures,
nothing.” — Marnely Rodriguez-Murray,

“There’s no reason to be afraid of baking with yeast with Red Star Platinum!”
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“I just tried your new Platinum yeast and it is wonderful. Made some bagels with it and they turned out
excellent, better than any I have made before with excellent rising.” — Jo Ann R, New York

I saw Platinum yeast in my grocery store, and thought I’d give it a try. Holy Cow is it good! My bread is 3 times
bigger than it used to be! I didn’t change anything except my yeast and I’m so impressed!! Sarah K, Ohio