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Milk Bread Honey Bunnies

Milk Bread Honey Bunnies
Made with a milk bread dough, these light and fluffy rolls are shaped into bunnies – perfect for Easter dinner, or any made-from-scratch moment. A fun activity with the kids, decorate the bunnies with edible markers.
Yield 8 bunny rolls




  • Watch the video below for shaping tips.
  • Divide the dough into eight equal pieces and then divide each piece in half to make 16 pieces total. Roll 8 of the halves into tight balls and place evenly, seam side down, onto parchment-lined sheet pans (4 per sheet pan).
  • Take the remaining halves and cut each in half, rolling each piece into tapered ropes just over 12-inches long. Fold each rope in half to create an ear, pinching the tapered ends together. Tuck the tapered end under the roll and tuck a second folded bunny ear next to it. Cover the bunnies loosely with plastic wrap and allow to proof until the “face” of the bunnies passes the ripe test, about 30-45 minutes. (See 'final rise' section on our Baking Steps Guide.) Brush with egg wash. Pinch the ends of each bunny ear and gently stretch, then bake for 20-22 minutes. Allow to cool completely and then “paint” eyes and a mouth with a black edible marker, or pipe eyes and mouth with ganache.


Recipe by Gesine Prado.

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Honey Bunnies Tutorial

Milk Bread Honey Buns

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Linda | Reply

Can the rolls be baked the day before serving or are they best baked right before serving. Thank you for your help and the wonderful recipes that you share.

Red Star Yeast | Reply

Hi Linda – Homemade rolls are always best when freshly baked, however the milk bread dough uses a tangzhong, which helps keep the bread fresher a little longer. If you’re looking to save time, you can make the dough the day before through step 5, and let it rise in the refrigerator overnight. Continue with the honey bunnies shaping directions, then rise and bake.
Happy baking!

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Fayette Inman | Reply

5 stars
Gesine, you’re such a joy to watch. I love how you explain each step of every recipe.
I hope you continue to guide us, home bakers. Gives us a little more confidence “that we can do it”
Even though we are quarantine, I still plan on making Easter dinner for my family, Haven’t fingered it all out yet, but know it’ll be a porch pick up And these honey bunnies will be part of our Easter dinner, they’ll surely put a smile on their face. Maybe we all can do a face time, while we’re eating.
Thank you

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