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Baking The World A Better Place

Working together to better nourish and protect the planet.

Since 2014, Red Star Yeast has joined the movement to end world hunger by working hand in hand with Rise Against Hunger to build awareness and to actively involve our employees and customers in making a difference. Around the world, as many as 828 million people don’t receive enough nutrition to lead an active, healthy life. One in ten people goes to bed hungry each night. Rise Against Hunger works to meet immediate nutritional needs today and empower the ability to build strong, resilient communities tomorrow, and we’re honored to play a part in making that work possible.


Red Star Yeast has partnered with Rise Against Hunger to increase food security and build resilience for communities and farmers in Gokwe North, one of the most food-insecure districts in Zimbabwe. Rise Against Hunger began working in these communities during a severe drought in 2017, addressing food insecurity of school-aged children through emergency school feeding.

After three years, Rise Against Hunger’s Planting Seeds for Strong Communities project, supported by Red Star Yeast, engaged five local schools in cultivating holistic, home-grown school gardens and income-generating initiatives. This project, impacting nearly 2,700 children and 3,000 households, was an opportunity to support not only education and nutrition, but also long-term community resilience and livelihoods.

The project worked closely with parents and local leaders to implement solutions in each of the five communities, including locally grown food for students, farmer market and climate-smart agricultural training and the introduction of maize shelling and oil pressing equipment.

Through these approaches and active community engagement, school attendance has increased up to 35% and the shelling machines increased food volume for the schools by 183%. The students now receive diverse, nutritious meals from the school gardens and more households are able to meet their own food requirements. Godfrey Chimhepo, the deputy headmaster at one of the schools, said, “When I see my community making progress, I feel very happy and I also feel included in the entire community.”

Real solutions do exist to end hunger — and this project is a prime example. It starts with a meal, and it leads to resilience in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe.


It starts with a meal. It leads to resilience, self- sufficiency, education, empowerment and bright futures in communities worldwide.

Visit Rise Against Hunger and It Starts With A Meal for more information.

Each time you purchase a Red Star Yeast product, a portion of all proceeds is donated to help Rise Against Hunger provide meals and aid to children and families in need. Our goal is to provide over 200,000 meals annually. Look for Red Star Yeast products in the grocery store baking aisle and create change with every purchase. Find a store near you here. Or purchase our products online here.