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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs). Click on the question to view the answer. This web site is full of lots of information that I hope you will find useful. If you have a question that you can not find the answer for, or if you have any other comments or suggestions, please send me an email by clicking on the Contact tab at the bottom of the page. I’ll be able to answer you directly.

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1. Is your yeast gluten free?

2. What is the difference between instant and active dry yeast? Can I use either one in my recipes?

3. How long do I need to let my dough rise?

4. What is sorbitan monostearate?

5. What is the difference between bread flour and all-purpose flour? Do I need to use bread flour when making bread?Toggle Content Title...

6. I purchased a wonderful church ladies cookbook from a book sale with recipes from the past. The recipes call for a 7 cent (hard to believe isn't it?) cake of yeast or 1/2 cake of household yeast. Could you tell me what size these yeasts would be?

7. Do you sell instant yeast? What is instant yeast?

8. I live at high altitude. What adjustments do I need to make in my bread recipes?

9. Can I store my yeast in the freezer?

10. Why must I refrigerate or freeze my yeast after opening?

11. Some stores sell the dry yeast in the refrigerated section, and others sell it in the baking aisle? What is the best way to store yeast?

12. I learned to bake bread from my grandmother and have been baking for many years. Lately my loaves are small, heavy and compact. I've used the activity test from your website and tested the yeast. It seems to be active so I don't think the yeast is the problem.

13. I never know for sure how long to knead the dough. Is it possible to knead the dough too much?

14. I accidentally picked up a bag of self-rising flour instead of all-purpose flour. Can I use it for yeast breads?

15. What is RED STAR Nutritional Yeast?

16. What is Brewer's Yeast?

17. My mother used to always dissolve her dry yeast in warm water with a pinch of sugar. Some recipes say to just blend the yeast with the flour. Isn't it necessary to dissolve the yeast in warm water before using it? I'm confused!

18. What if my recipe has no liquids to dissolve the yeast?

19. I bought fresh cake yeast, and can't use it all. Can I freeze it?

20. My recipe calls for one package of yeast. I purchased your Active Dry Yeast with three packets to a strip. Do I use all three packets or just one?

21. I just purchased a 1 pound bulk package of dry yeast. How do I use this when the recipe calls for one packet of yeast?

22. We have a child that is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. What is your labeling policy for your products that may contain peanuts and/or tree nuts die to cross-contamination?

23. How many teaspoons of yeast are in one packet?

24. How do I decipher the expiration date on your yeast packets?

25. I want to make one loaf of bread, how much yeast do I need? I am not using a bread machine.

26. What is the best way to activate (or proof) dry yeast?

27. I found an unopened jar of yeast in my cupboard. The expiration date shows it expired two months ago. Can I still use it to make my bread?

28. Can I use your yeast in our septic tank?