Baking Tips


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  • To ensure successful bread making, it is important to use ingredients that are fresh and of good quality.
  • Check the ‘Best if Used by’ dates on your yeast packages, and expiration dates on other ingredient packages. Once containers are opened follow storage instructions for the contents. Remember that you are dealing with perishables. Visit our Yeast & Baking Lessons for detailed usage and storage tips for common baking ingredients.
  • Yeast is a living organism, and will lose activity over time. If your yeast has been around awhile, or if you are unsure of its activity, it is advisable to test it before using. See our Yeast Freshness Test for directions.
  • To ensure good yeast activity, our Yeast Types & Usage section will help you determine the proper liquid temperatures to use. Bring all other ingredients to room temperature before starting unless specified otherwise in recipe.
  • Pre-measure all ingredients before baking to help ensure proper amounts are used. Learn helpful tips in How to Measure Correctly.
  • All preparations should take place in an evenly and comfortably warm area that is draft free.
  • Every kitchen and every baker is different. Always take notes, as every time you bake there might be different variables that may affect your outcome. It is common to have some trial and error before getting perfection – especially if this is the first time using a recipe.