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Platinum® Yeast
From Red Star®

Platinum Yeast from Red Star is the original, 2-in-1 premium instant baker’s yeast blended with a dough improver. This unique baker’s yeast formula takes the guesswork out of baking with yeast. Whether you’re new to baking or an expert baker, Platinum Yeast will improve the results of your homemade baked concoctions, from bread to pizza crust and beyond.

Learn more about Platinum Yeast, from how to use this type of instant yeast to ingredient information and more. Plus, try some of our home baker-favorite recipes made with our one-of-a-kind Platinum Yeast!

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Platinum Yeast from Red Star

Platinum® Yeast from Red Star®

1/4 oz (7g) x 3 packet strip

Platinum Instant Sourdough Yeast

Platinum® Instant Sourdough Yeast from Red Star®

0.63 oz (18g) packet

Gesine Prado

Platinum Moments
with Gesine Prado

Our new Platinum Moments recipe is perfect for beginner bread bakers: Simple White Bread for Beginners. This delicious homemade bread recipe has only 5 ingredients, and Gesine guides you through the entire bread-making process from start to finish. With only a little hands-on time for kneading and shaping, your kitchen will be filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread in no time. Bake along with us and create your own Platinum Moments!

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Featured Recipes

From pretzels to mouthwatering breads, discover home baker-favorite recipes made with Platinum Yeast.

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