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Vintage Fruit Sauce: Tips




  • Vintage Fruit Sauce is easy to start with any of our dry yeast products and will keep for months with very little attention. An apothecary jar of Vintage Fruit Sauce is an attractive conversation piece on a kitchen counter. Here are some tips to help you in making your fruit sauce.
  • You can be enjoying this delicious Vintage Fruit Sauce in 3 weeks. The fruit starter takes 2 weeks to ferment; then the sauce can be made. The fruit sauce needs to ferment for 1 week and then is ready to use. For best fermentation, the sauce should be made in two small batches rather than one large batch. Fruit and sugar should be added to the sauce every two weeks to keep the fermentation process going.
  • If you use a large amount of sauce at one time and have very little fruit left, replenish the sauce with 1 cup fruit and 1 cup sugar for each cup of sauce used; let stand overnight before using again. Return any drained syrup to the sauce mixture.
  • For both the Fruit Starter and Fruit Sauce, use peaches and pineapple in heavy syrup; the sugar in the syrup helps in the fermentation process and the fruit has a bright color. Stir each day to help dissolve the sugar. Always keep in a loosely covered glass jar in a fairly warm place as air and temperature are important in fermenting the fruit.
  • If you use Vintage Fruit Sauce frequently, you may like to have two jars of Fruit Sauce going – then you’ll always have some extra to give to a friend. It’s a great gift idea too!

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