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Platinum Instant Sourdough Doughnuts

Platinum Instant Sourdough Doughnuts
Light and airy homemade fried doughnuts with a mild sourdough flavor thanks to the Platinum Instant Sourdough Yeast. Made with an easy no-knead dough, these make the perfect weekend baking project.
Yield 12 doughnuts and doughnut holes



Berry – Confectioners' Sugar Icing

  • 1 cup confectioners' sugar
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream (maybe more to reach proper consistency)
  • 2 small ripe strawberries (or 4 raspberries)


  • Make the dough: Instant Sourdough Brioche.
  • Shape the doughnuts: Pull out a 1 1/2-pound (680g) piece of dough and roll it out to a 1/2-inch thick. Use a doughnut cutter or round cookie or biscuit cutters. Allow the dough to sit for at least 20 minutes (and up to one hour) while the oil heats up.
  • Fry the doughnuts: In a heavy-bottomed medium pot, heat about 3 inches of oil over medium heat until it reaches 370°F on a candy thermometer. Line a baking sheet with paper towel. Once the oil it hot, carefully slide the dough into the oil. Only put a couple in at a time, so they have plenty of room to float. Allow to fry for about 2 minutes, then flip them over to cook the other side. See my video for tips on frying. Drain the doughnuts on the paper towel for a few minutes to cool, repeat with the rest of the dough. Dredge the doughnuts in the icing (recipe below).
  • Make the icing: Mix the powdered sugar, berry and cream together in a small bowl. Dip the doughnuts in the icing and set on a cooling rack to set. See note below for variations.


Icing variations : add spices, extracts, food colors or other smashed fruit in place of the berries. If the flavoring is liquid, adjust the amount of cream.
Recipe by Zoë Bakes

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Platinum Instant Sourdough Doughnuts

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Platinum Instant Sourdough Doughnuts

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Glady | Reply

Can I bake these in the oven with no oil or do you have a recipe for baked doughnuts

Red Star Yeast | Reply

Hi Glady – Here’s a link to our baked doughnut recipes:
Happy baking!

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