Platinum Superior Baking Yeast® Advantages

   Simple to use. So forgiving it takes the intimidation out of baking with yeast!

   Strengthens the dough and improves dough tolerance to variations in kneading, rising, and flour quality.

   Produces consistent baked products home bakers will enjoy.

   Increases the amount of leavening retained in the dough.

   Decreases the risk of the dough collapsing after proofing or during baking.

   Increases oven ‘spring’ and the finished volume of the baked product.

   Works great in any bread recipe, but is particularly effective in producing healthy whole grain and sweet breads that are light, airy, and larger in volume.


What people are saying about PLATINUM:

I just tried your new Platinum yeast which I got as a free sample and it is wonderful. Made some bagels with it and they turned out excellent, better than any I have made before with excellent rising.
– Jo Ann R, New York

I am an experienced baker and just discovered Platinum yeast last week shopping at Shoppers Food Warehouse. Boy oh boy….superb! Today I made the rolls for Thanksgiving….a long used recipe. The rolls were higher, lighter, tastier than ever before. I used the traditional method of dissolving the yeast in a little water and a pinch of sugar. You have a great product. I am so glad I noticed it in the baking aisle.
– Tina E, Virginia

We tried this yeast for the first time this weekend. The 2 loaves we used {competitor’s} on didn’t rise nearly as much as the 2 we used Platinum on. I will never buy another yeast again!
– Jenna M, via facebook

I tried the new Platinum yeast in a simple whole wheat baguette recipe I use frequently. Yielded much taller loaves with giant, airy holes and velvety crumb.”
– Virginia G, via facebook

Making our traditional Golden Bread Braid today with Red Star’s new Platinum Yeast… beautiful rise!! Instagramming to make all my friends jealous. Thank you!!”
– Kim K, California

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