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Our 10 Best Bread Pairings for Soup

There are few things as comforting as a bowl of warm soup and homemade bread. These cozy comfort food combinations can soothe both the body and the soul at once.

While there are many favored “classic” soup and bread pairings, the possibilities really are endless. So, we’ve chosen some of the best combinations of our favorite bread recipes with soups from a few of our baking friends that we think you should try! Elevate an elegant gathering or a simple weeknight meal with one of these 10 bread and soup pairings, perfect for any occasion.

1. Garlic knots paired with creamy chicken noodle soup

Garlic notes and creamy chicken noodle soup.

When you want all the classic flavors but are short on time, these two easy and delicious recipes are a garlic-and-herb match made in heaven. A simple dough and rotisserie chicken cut hours off your cooking time, and who doesn’t love the fun shape of garlic knots?

Creamy chicken noodle soup image and recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction.

2. French bread paired with French onion soup

French bread and french onion soup.

Is there anything better than that first bite of crispy, chewy bread covered in warm, savory broth? The best part is you can make this French bread as crispy as you like – just brush with water during baking. The combination of crispy bread and tender caramelized onions has us drooling already.

French onion soup image and recipe by Miss in the Kitchen.

3. Homemade bread bowls paired with thick and hearty minestrone soup

Bread Bowl and Minestrone.

Both functional and delicious, bread bowls are always a soup-er choice! The soft-on-the-inside, crusty-on-the-outside texture holds up well, especially for a thick and hearty soup like this minestrone. A bread bowl full of colorful vegetables, the perfect blend of spices and rich texture? Sign us up!

Thick and hearty minestrone soup image and recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction.

4. Instant sourdough boule paired with creamy tomato soup

Sourdough Boule with Creamy Tomato Soup.

The mild sourdough tang is just right for this velvety smooth tomato soup – and it’s easy to create with one revolutionary ingredient: Platinum® Instant Sourdough yeast. Get that perfect sourdough taste without the hassle of maintaining a sourdough starter. A crusty boule is the perfect vehicle for dipping into soup; or level up this dynamic duo by making Gouda or mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches for dipping. Chef’s kiss.

Creamy tomato soup image and recipe by King Arthur Baking.

5. Roasted tomato focaccia paired with ham and lentil soup

Focaccia with Ham and Lentil Soup.

Both loaded with flavor, this earthy and herby combination of tomato-topped focaccia and tasty ham and lentil soup is sure to please! The color combination of this pair will please the eye and give a warm, hearty hug to your tastebuds.

Ham and lentil soup image and recipe by Completely Delicious.

6. Authentic ciabatta bread paired with authentic Italian wedding soup

Ciabatta bread with Italian Wedding Soup.

The large, airy holes in sliced ciabatta bread are a match made in heaven with this brothy authentic Italian soup. All that Italian flavor and the aroma of homemade meatballs will have your loved ones running to the kitchen for a taste of this ”wedded bliss.”

Authentic Italian wedding soup image and recipe by The Kitchen Whisperer.

7. Roasted garlic breadsticks paired with knoephla soup

Roasted Garlic Breakdsticks and Knoephla Soup.

This showstopping meal might look complicated, but both these fluffy breadsticks and this hearty knoephla soup are easier to make than you might think! The homemade dumplings – or knoephla – are loaded with fragrant herbs. Paired with no-fail cheesy breadsticks, this is the perfect, cozy treat on colder fall and winter days.

Knoephla soup image and recipe by Sweet & Savory by Shinee.

8. Yeasted honey cornbread paired with easy weeknight chili

Yeasted Honey Cornbread and Chili.

Some feel cinnamon rolls are the perfect side for chili, but we’re big fans of this yeasted cornbread recipe for that perfect sweet and savory balance. Put a fun, creative spin on this cornbread by making it into croutons and using it as a chili topper.

Chili image and recipe by Completely Delicious.

9. Soft pretzel bites paired with best-ever beer cheese soup

Soft Pretzel Bites.

Great for parties and game days, beer cheese soup and soft pretzel bites are real crowd-pleasers. Chewy, salty pretzel chunks dunked in a rich cheddar and piquillo pepper bisque? Yes, please. For even more intense flavor, use a darker beer like a porter or stout.

Best-ever beer cheese soup recipe by Amy Roserhielen via

10. Garlic naan paired with lentil soup

Homemade Garlic Naan Bread.

A tender flatbread similar to pita, naan is excellent for scooping up thicker, saucy soups, stews and curries, like this hearty lentil soup. The soup’s robust flavors are well matched with the naan’s minced garlic and green onions.

Lentil soup recipe by Giada Delaurentiis via

No matter what soup, stew, chili or curry you make, we guarantee there’s a bread recipe out there that’s a perfect match. Find inspiration for your next meal – explore our collection of bread recipes.

Did we miss your favorite tried-and-true soup and bread pairing? Share it in the comments!

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