Yeast and BakingLessons



  • Salt regulates the rate of yeast activity, providing a slow, steady rise. This allows the yeast to develop the characteristic bread flavor.
  • Salt also strengthens the gluten structure of the dough, not allowing the trapped carbon dioxide bubbles to expand too quickly. This helps produce a bread with fine texture and grain.
  • Salt enhances the flavor of your product.

Salt Usage Tips

  • Yeast activity may decrease when it comes into direct contact with salt (and also sugar). Be mindful of this when measuring ingredients and adding them to your dough.
  • Too little or too much salt can have a great impact on how yeast performs in your dough. Always double check your recipe and measurements for accuracy.
  • Too little salt would result in a dough that rises too fast, and a bread that lacks structure, flavor and crust color.
  • Too much salt in dough can slow down or even inhibit (stop) yeast activity.
  • Visit our Baking Tips section for information on How to measure correctly.