The Science of Yeast


Information for Educators

Lesaffre Yeast Corporation is pleased to offer to the Science Educator a comprehensive, convenient resource for the presentation of a classroom unit on the topic of yeast. “The Science of Yeast” covers a broad range of subjects, from the use of yeast in ancient cultures to the modern yeast manufacturing process.

Every teacher knows that the preparation of a good science project can sometimes be very difficult for students. Guide your students in a journey of discovery by directing them through one or more of our “Yeast Experiments“, question-driven lessons that let young people use safe and simple materials to develop their investigative skills and learn important elements of the scientific process.

To help your students gain a thorough understanding of yeast and how it is produced, we have also provided an Image Library, a collection of yeast cell photographs and diagrams outlining the yeast manufacturing process.

It is our hope that you will find the resources in “The Science of Yeast” of great benefit in your classroom and, in turn, generate a positive interest in your students in yeast and yeast products.

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All text and diagrams in “The Science of Yeast” are available in Adobe PDF format in Yeast Library.