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Bake From Scratch Cookbook & Platinum Yeast Giveaway

Bake From Scratch Volume 4 Cookbook Giveaway at

We’re giving away one Bake From Scratch Volume 4: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker and Platinum Yeast to 4 lucky winners!

With more than 650 recipes, and gorgeous photography accompanying each baked good, you’ll find a wealth of visual inspiration and step-by-step tutorials to guide you from beginning to bake. And with Platinum Yeast from Red Star, it’s better baking made easy!

Giveaway ends 11:59pm 3/15/21.

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  1. For Easter I always make a braided sweet bread, fresh dough braided w dried fruits and nuts baked and then drizzle w a glaze, always a hit!

  2. Red Star Yeast is the only one I use for great rolls and breads!

  3. I always make Hot Cross Buns

  4. Making Resurrection Rolls on Easter morning with my kids. We started this tradition when they were 5 and 2. They are now 17 and 14 and they still expect to make these together on Easter morning.❤️

  5. Oh i need your book!!

  6. It’s usually something birthday related around Easter, for my brother or dad.

  7. Good luck everyone!!

  8. I love to bake and being home so much due to the pandemic I’ve really enjoyed making yeast bread with Red Star yeast. I’ve tried many of the recipes you have sent through your e-mail newsletter. This cookbook looks like a wonderful book to own!

  9. I’ve found this website to be full of wonderful information Thanks for all the baking tips & recipes!

  10. I like lemon bread!

  11. I always get excited when I get the magazines in the mail! My family and I are huge fans.

  12. Hot Cross buns and cinnamon buns, with Red Star Yeast.

  13. I love making tomb cookies. You put a marshmallow inside a soft cookie dough and when it bakes the marshmallow “disappears”. It is really exciting to bake these cookies with younger kids because they always wonder where the marshmallow went.

  14. Love Bake from Scratch and Red Star is the only yeast I use! Would love to win, thanks!!

  15. I love baking yeast rolls and festive cookies for Easter.

  16. Looks like a great cookbook !

  17. I’m ready to bake – Red Star Platinum, mixed peel, currants… are waiting to be turned into hot cross buns.

  18. Cookbook looks great!

  19. your cookbooks are great! would be excited about receiving the new one!

  20. Cinnamon rolls for after the egg hunt. My kids love them and the smell brings such wonderful memories.

  21. I love baking anything as you know from my Instagram Page.

  22. My family’s Easter tradition is to color eggs! Def my favorite.

  23. Easter is the only time I make homemade rolls because that’s the holiday get together that includes the most family members that eat a lot of bread.

  24. My favorite Easter baking tradition is making sticky buns with my son to enjoy for Easter breakfast.

  25. My father learned to bake during the early days of WW II at the Navy’s ‘Cooks & Bakers School.’ When we were kids, Pop would bake each week, instilling a love of baking and sharing in us as we grew into adults. To this day, I can still smell his early morning loaf in my mind – and, since retiring, have focused on trying to recreate some of the treasures that he would joyfully share with us and our neighbors!

  26. I enjoy yeast rolls.

  27. I make Raspberry Coffee Cake and Hot Cross Buns for Easter

  28. I always love reading through new cookbooks and looking for new recipes to try and breads are my favourite!

  29. My Mom always baked hot-cross buns for Easter, and I’ve made them a few times when our kids lived with us. This giveaway is a great reminder for me to try them again, especially since I now have a granddaughter to make them with 🙂

  30. Hot Cross Buns ! Yum !

  31. I like making homemade bread during the holidays, including Easter.

  32. I bake homemade yeast rolls for dinner, a homemade bunny cake, a homemade pie.

  33. I lived in England for a short time, and loved the hot cross buns!!!

  34. love to make homemade goodies and share with family and friends

  35. My favorite Easter tradition is baking pies with my kids. Eating them is fun too!

  36. I like baking the homemade yeast rolls for our family Easter dinner.

  37. I am looking forward to another great cookbook. Thanks for all the hard work you all put into it.

  38. I like making Italian Easter braids.

  39. I make my usual whole wheat roll recipe for rolls for Easter dinner.

  40. One of our favorite Easter traditions is the Easter egg hunt after the kids find their baskets. It’s so fun to see the kids have a blast before our Wonder Easter dinner.

  41. My favorite easter baking memory is my mother making hot crossed buns!

  42. Great ideas for baked goods!

  43. This looks like a great giveaway – thanks Red Star!

  44. We always bake my grandmothers yeast rolls for Easter, and now that I have grandchildren of my own I’m passing on the recipe and tradition for them.

  45. The cookbook looks great.

  46. I have really started baking just about all of our bread over the past year. Fun and very satisfying.

  47. My favorite thing to bake for Easter is Hot Crossed Buns

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