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Fresh Cake Yeast


  • RedStarApril2012-14Cake Yeast, also known as wet, fresh or compressed yeast, has been used for decades by veteran bakers and is still popular today. Cake Yeast is available in limited markets, and retailers often only stock it seasonally. For this reason, many bakers have substituted Dry Yeast in their baking.
  • Cake yeast is currently sold in limited areas to consumers as RED STAR cake yeast in a 2 oz. package.
  • Cake Yeast is very versatile and performs well in all your recipes, including use in bread machines.

Tip for Successful Baking:  Using a thermometer is the most accurate way to determine the correct liquid temperature. Any thermometer will work as long as it measures temperatures between 75°F and 130°F.


  • 2-ounces of Cake Yeast is adequate for rising 9 – 12 cups of flour.
  • 1/3 of a 2 oz. cake is equal to 1 packet (2+1/4 teaspoons) of dry yeast
  • Divide a 2 oz. cake into 3 equal parts, where each part is equal to 1/3 of the cake.
  • See Yeast Conversion Table to convert between Cake Yeast and Dry Yeast, or to determine your yeast requirements for your recipe.

Cake Yeast can be added directly to dry ingredients:

  • Crumble Cake Yeast over dry ingredients.
  • Use liquid temperatures of 90°F – 95°F.
  • Yeast activity may decrease if it comes in direct contact with salt or sugar.

Cake Yeast can be dissolved in liquids before using:

  • Cake Yeast has a high moisture content and therefore it is not necessary to rehydrate before using, but can be done if desired.
  • Dissolve 1 tsp sugar in 1/2 cup 90°F – 95°F liquid.
  • Add crumbled Cake Yeast to sugar solution.
  • Stir yeast until completely dissolved.
  • Let mixture stand until yeast begins to foam vigorously (5 – 10 minutes).
  • Add mixture to remaining ingredients.
  • Remember to decrease the total liquids in your recipe by 1/2 cup to adjust for the liquid used to dissolve the yeast.


  • In bread machine baking, liquids should be used at 80°F.
  • Regular bread machine cycles are recommended for Cake Yeast.
  • Cake Yeast is not recommended for use in one hour or express bread machine cycles.
  • Use 1/3 of a 2 oz. Cake (divide cake into 3 equal parts, where one part is equal to 1/3 of a cake) to rise up to 4 cups of flour.

>> How to convert recipes from dry yeast to cake yeast.

>> See Yeast Conversion Table to convert between Cake Yeast and Dry Yeast, or to determine yeast requirements in your recipe.