What our Customers have to say…

Thanks for a great product! I enjoy using this in gluten-free items such as your “Gluten Free – Butter Pecan Supreme”! I hope to win one of the Rowe Pottery Loaf Pans and look forward to trying out your “Gluten Free Paleo Sandwich Bread (Grain-Free).”


I recently picked up a 3 pack of your instant yeast and thought for fun I would give it a go with my two children. We baked 3 loaves of bread and a pizza crust. We got the recipes from your website and were blown away at how good our results were! At a comparable cost to cheap store bread the quality and flavor of our homemade bread is unbeatable and we are hooked! Thanks for the online recipes. I’m sure they’ll come in handy!

Jeremy R, Florida

Thank you for teaching me how to make bread. Your Quick yeast and lovely recipes on your website has overcome my fear of baking bread. I can’t believe how easy and fun I have found bread baking to be. Thanks!

Jo Ellen A, California

I’ve learned my lesson. I bought “the other brand” of yeast because it was on sale. My bread didn’t rise nearly as well as it does with Red Star. I should have known better!! I really thought that there wasn’t a difference, but there is! I’m used to being complimented on my baking, so I’m going back to Red Star! Sorry I left, even if it was just for a short time!

Carol P, Ohio

Recently, I started to bake my own bread. On one of my trips to the store, they were out of the yeast brand I have bought since I was a kid, Fleishmann’s. So, I tried Red Star. I was really impressed with how well the yeast responded. On another trip, I bought Fleishmann’s and it just didn’t seem as active as the Red Star. Guess what, I’m now buying Red Star. I love your product and how active the yeast is, much more than the old Fleishmann’s. I’ve even recommended your product to others. Keep up the good work.

J Nathan B, Pennsylvania

‘SAF’ is the only kind of yeast I use anymore. So much easier and faster!! I teach bread making classes, and I always recommend it. It is awesome!

Kara C, Utah

Thanks for providing so many great recipes on the Red Star Yeast website – Red Star Yeast makes my bread maker recipes rise like no other yeast 🙂  Red Star Yeast Rocks!!

Cindi, Wisconsin

I have just finished using your cake yeast in a holiday bread recipe that was handed down to me the fourth generation. Your product helped me make the best holiday bread in many years. I just wanted you to know that as a steady user of the “other” yeast I will now look out for your yeast. TY.

Mary K, Pennsylvania

I’ve been baking away with your yeast and I love it to pieces. My challah bread never tasted so good.

Paddy H, Virginia

I love your yeast, we use it every week to make all our dough items, from bread to pizza dough to sweet rolls, keep up the great job

Donna R, Texas

I absolutely LOVE your highly active yeast.  I make sandwich bread at least once a week, sometimes twice a week to cut down on our grocery bill and the bread ALWAYS rises perfectly.  Great consistency in your product.  Truly awesome!!!!

Jenna H, Illinois

I LOVE your yeast, it works great and is convenient.

Tabitha E, Illinois

I want to compliment you on your wonderful yeast. It makes my rolls and breads rise perfectly every time! As a newlywed, I love baking for my husband and Red Star yeast helps me do so successfully every time. Thanks again for a great product!

Kristin W, Indiana

Love Love your product.  Have stopped using commercial  baked bread all together.  My children (all 8 of them) love the taste of  homemade breads.  We also enjoy the bonding of making it together.

Kiersten D, Missouri

I just tried your new Platinum yeast which I got as a free sample and it is wonderful. Made some bagels with it and they turned out excellent, better than any I have made before with excellent rising.

Jo Ann R, New York

I saw Platinum yeast in my grocery store, and thought I’d give it a try.  Holy Cow is it good! My bread is 3 times bigger than it used to be! I didn’t change anything except my yeast and I’m so impressed!!

Sarah K, Ohio