National Homemade Bread Day Giveaway | Enter to win an Emile Henry Italian Bread Loaf Baker and Platinum Yeast. Giveaway ends 11/24/19.


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To celebrate National Homemade Bread Day, we’ve partnered with       Emile Henry to giveaway an Italian Bread Loaf Baker to one lucky winner!

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Giveaway ends 11/24/19.

US address entries only. 18 years of age and older.

Good luck!

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  1. I would make the Baked Potato Bread in my Italian Bread Loaf Baker.

  2. Baked Potato Bread!

  3. I think I would try the 90 Minute Butter Crust Bread first. It looks delicious .

  4. Zucchini banana bread

  5. I’d make sourdough bread first!

  6. I Love to make Apple Bread this time of year and Banana Bread all year round. So I’d make an Apple Bread first and then a Banana Bread.

  7. sour dough bread.

  8. I would make a herb filled bread!

  9. Honey whole wheat

  10. I just want to make all the bread there is. The chance to make homemade bread and smell it baking is an awesome thought.

  11. cranberry bread

  12. I would make homemade cinnamon raisin bread!

  13. I would make a tasty whole grain bread

  14. Maybe a banana nut bread! Or cinnamon raisin! I don’t know!

  15. I would bake Italian bread

  16. I would make my mom’s homemade bread recipe! She makes awesome bread!!!

  17. I would make sourdough bread.

  18. I love this pan. I would make homemade honey oatmeal bread.

  19. Baked potato bread

  20. Buttercrust bread!

  21. I would make my Cinnamon Raisin Bread! TYVM

  22. My husband would love this! His father taught him how to make yeast breads.

  23. 90-Minute Buttercrust Bread sounds good, but I also have a no knead recipe I like.

  24. I would love to use this pan to make potato bread.

  25. I would try the potato bread. I love it and hope mine will turn out well.

  26. I would make the 90 Minute Buttercrust Bread. I love a crispy crust on bread. This would go great with our spaghetti dinners.

  27. Fluffy White Bread

  28. I would make a white bread. Love having homemade bread on hand! My favorite is to make french toast with it!

  29. i would make cinnamon bread

  30. Wheat bread

  31. Since I already bake bread weekly (because it’s soooo much better than store bought), I’d try out my usual sandwich load from King Arthur Flour, BUT, I feel like one of Jim Lahey’s no-knead recipes would work beautifully in this pan!

  32. I would make the Homemade White Sandwich Bread.

  33. I would love to make a pumpernickel bread recipe.

  34. I think I would try the potato bread.

  35. The buttercrust bread sounds delicious!

  36. I would make a sourdough bread

  37. Simple white bread

  38. An French Loaf!

  39. I would love to make a zucchini bread. It was something my mom baked a lot when I was a kid.

  40. I’d make a sourdough

  41. I would make some Zucchini bread !!!!

  42. I would make cinnamon raisen bread

  43. Ohhh,,, i love to make bread. I make RYE bread and I always add lots of extra seed. I just made a loaf of white tonight but this one I put bagel everything seasoning on it and my husband loved it.

  44. A delicious cheese and herb bread

  45. I would make some brown bread. It is a recipe that has been handed down for generations.

  46. Cinnamon Swirl yeast bread or maybe I’d make some sourdough starter and do a Sourdough loaf I love hot fresh breads

  47. I’d make some Italian sourdough bread.

  48. I would make pumpkin bread.

  49. I create a wonderful sweet potato bread!

  50. I would make a loaf of sour dough bread first.

  51. I would make sourdough bread!

  52. I think I’d have to make a cranberry orange loaf, I can’t resist putting cranberries in everything at this time of year!

  53. I would definitely make a banana bread loaf!!

  54. Love to try baking and not make Gluten free Hockey Pucks Happy T Day everyone

  55. I would make Irish Soda bread. Its our household favorite!

  56. I would make some tasty sourdough bread

  57. I would make fluffy white bread.

  58. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh baking bread.

  59. I would make the Homemade Fluffy White Bread

  60. The first thing I would make would be just plain white bread..

  61. Oh my …….. I’d make a nice crusty French bread ……. or, really….. ANY bread would be good in this!!!

  62. The first loaf would have to be sourdough bread, after that I’d try buttercrust, white bread and more!

  63. I would make old fashion white bread

  64. Cinnamon raisin honey wheat!

  65. I would love to make Cheddar-Chunk and Chive Sandwich Bread

  66. Bubbly Bread!

  67. Italian loaf

  68. I love making bread I would try some sourdough bread in this pan.

  69. I would make some cheese sourdough bread

  70. I would make homemade fluffy white bread first.

  71. I would make some cheddar bread to go with a huge bowl of chili!

  72. I’d convert a good keto recipe and make a low-carb loaf of bread! Getting pretty darn good at it!

  73. I’d like to try a simple sourdough first.

  74. I would make fluffy white bread.

  75. plain old fashion split curst white with no preservatives.

  76. I’d like to try a loaf of potato bread.

  77. I would make the overnight bread recipe and use this baker as a brick oven.

  78. I’d make a traditional Italian loaf.

  79. I enjoy raisin bread

  80. My wife loves baking bread, but our bread pans got rusty and useless, so we have been having Bread Machine bread, with varying results.. Nothing like fresh oven baked Breads.. MMMMM HMMMMMM!!!

  81. I would make banana bread or zucchini bread

  82. I would like to make any kind of bread in it.

  83. Fluffy white bread to make BLTs

  84. I would make olive bread with rosemary.

  85. I’d make a loaf of garlic rosemary bread

  86. I would make the Homemade Fluffy White Bread

  87. I would do an herbed bread, so I can use it for garlic bread w/ pasta.

  88. sour dough!!!

  89. I’d probably make a loaf of potato bread or banana nut bread first.

  90. It would be great to have fresh baked bread hot out of the oven!

  91. Sourdough bread

  92. I’d love to try my hand at baking blueberry and lemon bread!

  93. I would make a savory Italian Herb and Cheese bread first.

  94. Honestly, I’d do a loaf of Rye Bread! This would be the perfect pan for that!

  95. ohhh I would love to bake some banana or beer bread with this! 🙂

  96. Sourdough whole wheat bread

  97. Wheat bread

  98. I would make fluffy white bread.

  99. I would make my favorite; Sourdough!

  100. I would love to make honey wheat bread yum!

  101. The first recipe I would make in the Italian Bread Loaf Baker is the Italian Hearth Bread recipe on the Emile Henry website

  102. love raisin Bread.

  103. I cook and am learning about bread making. I’d cook whatever bread recipe sounds easy for my first try.

  104. whole wheat loaf

  105. I would make a loaf of whole wheat bread.

  106. jalapeno cheddar bread

  107. Wheat bread

  108. I’d hope to make a sourdough – my favorite

  109. Whole grain bread.

  110. I would make a quick bread

  111. I would bake italian bread.

  112. I would make cheesy garlic rosemary loaf bread first.

  113. I would make cheese bread!

  114. I’d make pumpkin bread.

  115. Challah bread

  116. cinnamon raisin

  117. I would love to make an Italian bread

  118. I would make Italian bread first and then a dessert bread. We love breads.

  119. Sourdough!

  120. I see some sourdough in our future if we get this baker.

  121. This looks delcious!

  122. I would make the Homemade Fluffy White Bread for my parents.

  123. I want to make all the breads. I would probably make the Buttercrust Bread first. Thank you for the recipes!!

  124. I would like to make the potato bread

  125. I’d either make some rye bread or sourdough bread.

  126. I’d probably make banana bread

  127. Italian Bread or fluffy white bread

  128. I would make banana bread.

  129. Honey wheat bread

  130. I would make sour dough bread

  131. I would make an ordinary loaf of white bread. You can call me boring.

  132. sweet bread

  133. I would definitely try the Buttercrust Bread first.

  134. Italian Bread or fluffy white bread

  135. I would bake Some Pumpkin bread!!

  136. Probably my Great Grandmothers Banana walnut bread!

  137. I just love making all kinds of breads! It’s thereputic! And I love the yeast smell of the dough!

  138. Garlic bread is my favorite so I’d definitely be making some garlic bread first.

  139. I would make Homemade Fluffy White Bread


  141. L would bake potato bread. Would also love to make brioche!

  142. Pumpkin Bread

  143. Fluffy White Bread

  144. I’d bake a banana bread.

  145. I would make zucchini bread.

  146. I really want to try some kind if cheese bread! Maybe a parmesan cheese bread for my first bake.

  147. I would make my mom’s banana bread.

  148. I would make a loaf of whole wheat bread!

  149. Either banana bread or pumpkin.

  150. I would make some egg bread.

  151. beautiful form bread

  152. I would like basic Italian bread made first in the loaf baker. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. banana bread without walnuts would be my first choice 😁

  154. With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner I’d make Cranberry Bread YUM

  155. Crusty french bread, yum!

  156. I would make a loaf of my grandmother’s potato bread.

  157. I would love to make some pumpkin bread!

  158. I would bake a loaf of chocolate chip pumpkin bread!

  159. zucchini walnut bread probably!

  160. Smells good, I want to win

  161. I would make banana nut bread

  162. I would make my Grannys italian bread. my favorite.

  163. I would make the 90-minute Buttercrust Bread. It looks delicious in the picture. I haven’t had homemade bread in years, so it would be fun to make this.

  164. I would make a savory zucchini bread.

  165. I’d love to make a green olive loaf of bread.

  166. butter bread

  167. I would make banana bread

  168. Why Italian Bread of course!

  169. Banana nut bread pleasee!!!

  170. I would make Baked potato bread, looks delish!

  171. Banana bread!!

  172. I’d make Sour Dough Rye Bread

  173. I would make some delicious rye bread

  174. Italian bread for some delicious lasagna !!

  175. like to try a banana or date nut loaf

  176. banana bread

  177. some yummy french bread, for dinner

  178. 100% Whole Wheat Bread!

  179. I would use my mom’s recipe and make a traditional garlic bread loaf. It is great toasted with a big dish of pasta (and by itself too).

  180. I would make banana bread

  181. There’s an old recipe that I have somewhere in my recipe box for an olive oil, fresh rosemary, and garlic bread. I’d love to make that in the gorgeous red bread pan!

  182. I would love to make my own homemade bread. I absolutely love homemade bread.

  183. I would make banana bread because it is the best!

  184. i would make banana bread first!

  185. Wholegrain

  186. I would make banana bread!

  187. Cinnamon Sugar Pecan Challah Braid — Yummy!!

  188. I would make a loaf of sourdough bread! Something I desperately want to do more of

  189. Baked potato bread! Yummm

  190. I’d like to try making the 90-minute butter crust bread referenced in the recipes. It sounds so good. I’ll probably add garlic to make it a garlic butter loaf.

  191. i’d make garlic cheese bread, we LOVE it!

  192. I would make a wholegrain bread.

  193. I would make a lough of wheat bread!!! I love wheat bread and there are so many amazing wheat bread recipes.

  194. I would make Garlic Herb Italian Bread.

  195. I have an awesome recipe for Caprese Bread that I would make first!

  196. banana bread i reckon

  197. I would make a worstershire banana bread! Delicious everytime!!

  198. I would love to try an herbed Italian Bread.

  199. I would make the sourdough bread recipe..

  200. I would make the 90-minute Butter Crust Bread….YUM!

  201. I usually make banana bread

  202. No-knead overnight bread

  203. I would try the butter crust first

  204. I would try to make a Hard dough bread. It’s my favorite.

  205. I would make a loaf of sourdough bread.

  206. I would give this to my mom and she could decide on the bread.

  207. Butter top loaf

  208. I would make a sour dough bread, a recipe my mom use to make!

  209. The 90 minute butter crust bread looks amazing. Is have to try that one first.

  210. Would make banana bread.

  211. We love homemade bread. Our favorite is garlic cheddar cheese bread. It’s good with everything or just by itself as a snack.

  212. Love sourdough bread for everything (avocado toast, sandwiches, with soup, etc. etc.). So this would be fabulous to have!

  213. I would try to make baked potato bread.

  214. I would make some homemade sourdough for sandwiches and toast. Yummy!

  215. I am a sourdough bread maker most of the time. I would love to try your new Sourdough Yeast. Have not found it yet. I use the cast iron dutch oven to bake in. Would love the Emile Henry Italian Bread Loaf Baker. Love Red Star yeast and all your recipes your taking the time to answer all my e-mails and questions in the past. Feel like you are my family. I am so glad to see all the bread bakers taking part in this. I have very few friends that bake their own bread. Thanks.

  216. That 90-Minute Buttercrust Bread sounds like a fantastic place to start!

  217. A French country bread or an eggnog bread.

  218. Having an abundance of pumpkin on hand, I would make pumpkin bread. Thanks for the chance and best wishes!

  219. I’d probably make some kind of white bread. I’ve been wanting to try a white bread for a while now.

  220. Homemade banana bread, for sure.

  221. Love warm Yummy Bread

  222. Plain sourdough. Simple is always better and I am very proud of my starter. A baker like this would make it perfection.

  223. My mom’s homemade bread recipe

  224. I would make my Sweet Italian Herb Bread. Wonderful giveaway; thank you!

  225. Defninitly Banana Bread, but maybe Zucchini Bread, or possibly Quinoa Bread. Too many choices!!!

  226. 90-Minute Buttercrust Bread

  227. Jalapeño bread

  228. i’d start with a standard italian loaf

  229. I would like to make a loaf of rye bread in it.

  230. Would make my favorite sourdough bread.

  231. I would love to make sourdough bread. The whole family loves it!

  232. The potatoe bread sounds good but i love all homemade bread. I love when its warm n fresh from the oven. I love real butter on it. I make banana, and Zucchini breads, and pumpkin breads often too. They are so good.

  233. just screams happy

  234. I would make cranberry walnut bread.

  235. I’d try the banana nut bread.

  236. I’d love to learn to make Italian bread!

  237. Rustic pugliese.

  238. I would make Homemade White Bread. Bring’s back memories of the bread my Mom used to make when I was little.

  239. Rockin the banana nut bread!!!

  240. I would make a Tuscan herb & butter bread

  241. Butter top loaf

  242. Baked Potato Bread

  243. I’d make pumpkin bread

  244. The 90 minute butter crust bread looks really good – I would make that

  245. I”d make the Red Star Yeast Apple Cranberry Bread.

  246. I would have my grandmother help me back her famous sourdough!

  247. Probably a loaf of Pumpkin Swirl bread.

  248. What recipe would you make first in your Italian Bread Loaf Baker?

    i have no idea..have a bread maker ive never used

  249. banana bread

  250. banana bread

  251. Olive oil herb bread.

  252. i would make my onion dill bread… and when it was done cooking, i would put a little cream cheese on it, and chow it

  253. I’d love to make the banana nut bread!

  254. I would just make a simple white sandwich loaf.

  255. I would make the Baked Potato Bread

  256. I would make the fluffy white bread.

  257. A loaf of French Bread.

  258. Honey wheat is my fave. Thank you

  259. Baked potato bread. Doesn’t sound that good, but it looks very good.

  260. Braided Italian Bread – Delicious!

  261. I’m honestly not sure what recipe I’d use, I’m actually thinking this would make an excellent present for a good friend of mine who has been starting to bake bread in the last year and is getting REALLY good at it! It would be nice to repay all the loaves I’ve gotten from him with a nice accessory to his new hobby.


  263. I’d make my favorite – sourdough!

  264. Homemade Fluffy White Bread

  265. Banana 🍌 bread

  266. I would make the 90-Minute Buttercrust Bread. It looks delish!

  267. I would make a chocolate chip banana bread!

  268. Baked potato bread

  269. That Buttercrust looks fabulous… definitely will be the first. But the Baked Potato bread will be the second.

  270. I’d make Italian Bread

  271. Definitely pumpkin bread

  272. Ain’t going to lie it’s my hubbie who does the baking, cranberry walnut please

  273. MMM, I’d make potato bread – so good!

  274. I would make the baked potato bread.

  275. I would try the 90 minute butter crust. I feel like this pan would be better than the enamel terrine I’m currently using for bread. I usually make a honey wheat bread that rises over night.

  276. Whatever my Chef wants to make.

  277. I would make Italian bread.

  278. That 90 minute butter crust bread looks yummy

  279. I’d make banana nut bread!!! My entire family loves it and it’s a tradition to make it during the fall/winter! And because I’m Italian of course I’m making Italian bread!

  280. Italian Cheesy bread!

  281. banana bread

  282. Italian asiago rosemary bread

  283. I would tackle baking some cinnamon raisin bread first!

  284. I would love to make the butter top loaf , but any bread I make needs to be easy and delicious!

  285. I would try the Butter top loaf.

  286. I would definately make banana nut bread. My family loves it !

  287. I would make french bread.

  288. My first bread would be French bread. 🥖 Juat thinking about it makes my mouth water.

  289. Probably a nice potato bread with a great crust on it. Can’t wait to try this pan


  291. This is awesome, I would bake a loaf of bread with Asiago Cheese as the top layer! Thank you for the chance to win, I love a good bread!

  292. Baked potato bread is the first I’d like to try.

  293. I would make challah bread

  294. My Grandma’s recipe for bread that I’ve almost mastered

  295. I would love to make and try the Naked Potato bread recipe Yum thank you

  296. I would make some sour dough bread!

  297. I would try the buttercrust bread and then move on to many more.

  298. Cranberry walnut bread. We bake bread at least twice a week at our house, so this would be awesome.

  299. I would make rustic Italian bread.Yum!

  300. I love baking fresh bread for my family, but of course i love to eat it too. The possibilities are endless just made french bread.

  301. I would make the 90 minute buttercrust bread. It looks delicious!

  302. I’d like to try a rye bread!

  303. I would make a homemade fluffy white bread

  304. sourdough bread

  305. Zucchini bread

  306. I would make zucchini bread

  307. I would make my favorite which is Banana Nut Bread.

  308. Oatmeal bread

  309. I would make a loaf of sourdough bread first.

  310. Baked Potato Bread

  311. Italian Bread

  312. I would make the sourdough bread! I would love to try all the different recipes

  313. I could go for some zucchini bread right now.

  314. I would start a new sourdough starter, and when it was ready I would bake some sourdough loaves in it!

  315. Italian bread

  316. I would like to make sourdough bread.

  317. I would make cranberry bread! Yummy!

  318. I would make Banana bread with cashew chips on top.

  319. Pumpkin bread. Yum

  320. Sourdough would be my 1st loaf.

  321. I would make a loaf of sourdough bread

  322. Irish Cheddar Bread! It’s an easy yeast cheese bread recipe that’s practically foolproof.

  323. I’d try making potato bread.

  324. sourdough

  325. I would try the butter crust bread

  326. The 90-Minute Buttercrust Bread sounds delicious!!

  327. My first recipe would be potato bread.

  328. The homemade fluffy white bread would be my first to try!

  329. I would make banana nut bread for sure.

  330. I would make boudin bread

  331. I would make a zucchini loaf.

  332. I would make Italian Bread.

  333. I’d start with fresh Italian Bread, and branch out from there

  334. I’d make oat bread first. Then sour dough.

  335. I’ve never made bread. Maybe I could do this. I tried for years to make my mother in law biscuits. My kids used them for baseball practice for 2 weeks before they finally fell apart. Maybe I could have better luck with bread. Would be nice if I win and can bread. Thank You for giving me the chance to win.

  336. Classic Italian 🙂

  337. Sourdough Olive

  338. I would try potato bread. Hot out of the oven, sounds so yummy!

  339. Nothing like a classic Italian bread!

  340. I would bake an easy no-knead bread..

  341. Mmmmm bread!

  342. I would make a Butter top loaf,

  343. I think maybe French bread, or banana bread, and possibly monkey bread. Not really sure at the numident. There are so many bread ideas and all of then are delicious.

  344. Not sure. Probably just straight up regular Italian Bread – but I’m open to suggestions.

  345. Banana Bread

  346. I would love to make a ciabatta bread. Never tried.

  347. Would love to make sour dough!

  348. I’d try to make a fluffy white bread.. yum!

  349. Buttermilk white

  350. Sourdough

  351. I’d make some pumpernickel bread

  352. Italian for sure! I never even knew one could use this ingenious baker like this. And then a raisin bread next! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  353. I would definitely try the potato bread – my favorite!

  354. I think I would try the potato bread first

  355. Everything Bagel Pull-Apart Bread for sure!

  356. whole wheat sourdough bread… a work in progress!

  357. Chicken noodle soup bread bowls!!!

  358. I would make a hearty whole wheat bread.

  359. a whole grain bread

  360. That 90 minute butter crust bread looks so good! I have to try to make it.

  361. I’m not sure what type of bread I would start with, some type of herb bread.

  362. I would make sourdough bread, love it!

  363. Gorgeous breads!!! I hope I win, I love baking bread.

  364. sourdough for sure

  365. Italian herb bread… A family favorite!

  366. I would make homemade white bread. It would be perfect for sandwiches.

  367. love homemade bread.taste better .

  368. Would love to try that 90 minute buttercrust bread! It sounds delicious!

  369. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Bread

  370. I would love to make the Sourdough Baguette.

  371. Italian Bread.

  372. I’m thinking Italian bread. Yum!

  373. I would like to try to make a classic sourdough bread.

  374. I would make a loaf of pumpkin bread.

  375. I would make banana bread.

  376. I am a beginner, but would love to make Sourdough

  377. Some kind of wheat loaf would be great

  378. I’d make the alpine wheat bread!

  379. Long loaf of sourdough rosemary bread

  380. The bread in the picture looks amazing! Makes me hungry for a loaf of sourdough!

  381. we’d have to make some pumpkin bread if we won!

  382. My boyfriend is a baker for work and we don’t have a loaf Baker for home, just a Dutch oven. This would be such a cool addition!

  383. Living in IDAHO I would love to put a potato bread in that beautiful red baker!!! But I also would like to try gluten free bread.

  384. Italian Bread

  385. I would have to make a loaf of potato bread. I love potato bread.

  386. I would make banana chocolate chip bread!

  387. I think potato bread would be first on my list..we love it!!!

  388. Id have to go with sourdough first. A good friend recently gave me a starter 🙂

  389. I would make ciabatta!

  390. Baked potato bread!

  391. My grandmother’s potato bread would be the first thing I’d bake!

  392. I would try to make the Italian loaf

  393. I love making rolls

  394. My mother’s bread recipe.

  395. Butter Crust Bread would be yummy with homemade soup.

  396. I would make a nice crusty Italian bread.

  397. Apple Cranberry Bread looks delish and would be my first loaf

  398. I would make a nice loaf of bread and smother it with butter when it is hot and fresh from the oven.

  399. My kids would want me to make my cinnamon raisin bread ~ yum!

  400. I would make a Ciabatta bread.

  401. Pumpkin bread will definitely be the first recipe that I make in the Italian Bread Loaf Baker!!!!! I love the smell of pumpkin bread in the kitchen, specially this time of the year!!!!!

  402. Sourdough Italian would be first

  403. I have never tried baking in this type of Baker before, but would love to try!

  404. I’m ready to try something new.


  406. I would make the Italian Bread. But, I added Asiago Cheese to it and it was wonderful. I am sure it would be even better in the Emily Henry baker.

  407. for the first thing, I’d have to go classic and do a simple french or italian loaf. then I’d start to play, with herb loaves, roasted garlic, maybe even everything bagel seasoning or sweet breads.

  408. Baked potato bread…sounds interesting and tasty!

  409. Home made white sandwich bread

  410. I would make a sourdough bread for my Granddaughter. It has been her favorite for many years. We really like the red star sourdough yeast.

  411. I would love to make the fluffy white bread for my hubby!

  412. I would make a cheese bread!

  413. I find baking very enjoyable and would like to try several different types of bread. I especially like a crusty bread.

  414. Oooooo! I’d love to make my Vita B Bread for myself, and I’d make beer bread, onion bread, and cinnamon raisin bread for my friends!!! I’ve never used one of these but would love to try using it!

  415. I’d love to make a semolina loaf.

  416. I would first make egg bread with raisins. My very favorite.

  417. The sandwich loaf or some potato bread

  418. I’d make cheesy white bread

  419. I would make a cheesy herb Italian loaf.

  420. I would make apple cinnamon bread first. My family’s favorite!

  421. Potato Bread maybe

  422. I believe I would try a prime and pink peppercorn while wheat recipe

  423. There are so many bread recipes I want to try I cannot give an answer to the question. I guess it would be what I was in the mood to make–sweet or savory, what I had in the house already, what I was making for dinner if I had company coming, I could go on and on….Perhaps some kind of sourdough bread since my starter needs feeding (gbg)

  424. I would make a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread!

  425. I would love to make an Italian bread in the baker.

  426. Sour dough is yummy in this house!

  427. I would make Italian Bread, of course!

  428. I would make a rye bread. I’m currently exploring the world of rye!

  429. my own seedy-bread recipe

  430. I’ve been making bread for many years like my mother made her bread. I’m sure I’d find a recipe that I’d like to try for a good Italian bread.

  431. I have never used a baker like this, so I would probably start with a basic white. As I mastered this new style of cooking I could advance my recipes and technique. I’d love to find what works for me.

  432. I would just love to win the bread baker in red! And I would make a cinnamon raisin bread. Toasted with lots of butter- yum. Then an Italian bread, trying the recipe here. Nothing better than homemade pasta and meatballs with fresh Italian bread ! Bravo and thanks for the great recipes! Good luck everyone!!!

  433. Oooh definitely a hearty wheat seed filled bread.

  434. Probably an Italian loaf.

  435. I would not mind trying this recipe out. It looks awesome!

  436. One of the no-knead recipes I’ve seen.

  437. i would make a crusty italian bread in it! i love making bread!

  438. First thing I would bake is regular white bread, nothing fancy at first.

  439. I would make a rustic Italian loaf!

  440. I try first the garlic sourdough.

  441. I would make a sourdough bread using the new Platinum Instant Sourdough Yeast.

  442. 90-Minute Buttercrust Bread is what I’d try.

  443. I would make a loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Bread in the Italian Loaf Baker. I’ve seen one of these a while back. My friend has one of these and she loves it.

  444. I think that I would make a rustic Tuscan bread first.

  445. I would make cinnmon raisin bread

  446. I would try the Italian bread first. Then I would try the everything Bagel pull apart bread. Thanks.

  447. My husband bakes bread at least 2 times a week. He loves to make homemade Italian loaf.

  448. I have never used anything but a bread pan or a Dutch Oven. It would be so great to have other options such as the Italian Bread Loaf Baker. I think the Texas Pecan bread would work really well for my first loaf in it.

  449. Probably some type of sourdough 🙂

  450. Loaf of Italian Bread

  451. i would try your rye sourdough recipe

  452. Italian

  453. I’d love to make a nice loaf of Italian bread!

  454. I would make wholewheat flour dough bread.

  455. Buttercrust bread or some sort of sweet roll

  456. I would make a sour dough loaf and italian bread! Yummmm

  457. I’d make No knead bread first the sour dough bread. Love all home made breads and rolls.

  458. I would start with the 90 Minute Buttercrust Bread. It looks so good!

  459. The first recipe I would make is the Homemade Fluffy White Bread. I’m pretty sure it’ll taste just like I remember on the farm all those years ago.

  460. I would make an Italian loaf. It’s a favorite. Or I might make a pull apart bread with parmesan, garlic and parsley.

  461. Italian of course! I would absolutely love to win this….as I know everyone else would also Good luck to all!

  462. Everything Bagel Pull Apart Bread!

  463. I’d probably try a sourdough or cinnamon raisin bread.

  464. I’d bake Italian bread first.

  465. I would make a simple bread to enjoy more quickly.

  466. No idea as I’ve never used one.

  467. I would bake a hearty, healthy, fiber-full whole wheat bread!

  468. I’m definitely making the Everything Bagel Pull Apart Bread, though I’m not sure it can be baked in the loafer. If I.won the loafer the first thing I would make is the Pane Bianco, which has also just been added to my must-bake list!

  469. I have an electric bread maker that I rarely use, but this looks so much easier to get a perfectly shaped loaf every time,

  470. Baked potato bread

  471. Cranberry Walnut Bread.

  472. I want to make the fluffy white bread.

  473. 90 minute bread

  474. Definitely a french sourdough

  475. Definitely a sourdough french loaf

  476. I would make a loaf of Italian bread

  477. I saw a cinnamon swirl bread on King Arthur Flour web site that I would dearly love to try. They used this pot to make it.

  478. I would bake my husband’s favorite Cypriot Village bread

  479. There are so many to choose from! Either the batter bread or the buttercrust bread, cause everything is better with butter!

  480. Babka. That should say babka!

  481. Exciting! I would start with my go to Brown Rice Bread. When my oven behaves it has a crisp crackly crust and beautiful soft crumb. I roast the rice before I cook it for the dough and use buttermilk. Next I would see how my Pain de campagne did in it. Yummy. How about some Apple cinnamon banked.

  482. Snow day in Minnesota, sour dough bread and homemade soup.

  483. Walnut rosemary bread

  484. French bread, of course!

  485. I’d Make Crunchy No-Knead Artisan Loaf first to start simple and see how the loaf turnes out, then I’d work my way up from there!

  486. I would make the Fluffy White Bread! Looks delish!

  487. I would like to try making a loaf of Italian bread.

  488. I would make a Focaccia bread.

  489. Maybe I’d try a traditional loaf first, but maybe I”d try a nut/date loaf.

  490. French bread

  491. Gosh, I’m not sure! I’ve never used a baker like this and so I don’t know what recipes are best suited for it. Sure would be fun to try, though!

  492. I would make a fluffy white bread

  493. A traditional loaf of Italian bread

  494. garlic sourdough

  495. I’d make an anadama loaf. I first got recipe at King Arthur Flour, and love it!

  496. I’m looking forward to making the Everything Bagel Pull-Apart Bread.

  497. An Italian Loaf!

  498. Ooh, I would love one of these. I love to make italian bread but do it on a stone or in my twin pan used for french bread. I make 3-4 loaves of breads (different varieties) every week. It is my stress reliever.

    • I would love to make a loaf ITALIAN bread in this Emily Harris bread baker !!!!

  499. The first recipe I would make in the Italian Bread Loaf Baker is sourdough bread!

  500. I would make a loaf of sourdough cinnamon raisin bread, it’s my absolute favorite bread to bake around this time.

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