A Tradition in Family Baking

Taste of Home Cookbook Giveaway

Taste of Home Cookbook Giveaway

Best Loved Recipes

  • 1,485 family-tested-and-proven recipes from family cooks just like you
  • Every recipe tested for ease, taste and accuracy
  • Features Taste of Home’s Top 100 most-requested recipes
  • Recipes for every occasion, every kind of cook


Treat your family to great home cooking every day with Taste of Home Best Loved Recipes! In our BIGGEST EVER cookbook, you’ll get 1,485 delicious family recipes—all from families just like yours. Discover mouthwatering main dishes, simple sides, heartwarming soups, eye-opening breakfasts and much more. Don’t forget dessert! You won’t believe the variety of cakes, candies, cookies, bars, pies and tarts.

Bonus chapters include grand prize winners, festive holiday dishes, super-fast express meals and editors’ favorites. Each recipe features everyday ingredients, step-by-step instructions, and prep and cook times. Best of all, every recipe is the tried-and-proven favorite of a good cook like you, so you know they’ll turn out great in your kitchen the first time—and every time. Hardcover, 928 pages, color photos.


We’re giving away one (1) Taste of Home Cookbook to four (4) lucky winners!

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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  1. all 4 of the Pioneer Woman Cookbooks!

  2. would love to win this !!

  3. My favoritr is Joy of Cooking

  4. Chef Louie Jordant French Chef of the art of baking

  5. I got a Betty Crocker cookbook when we got married in 1985. I don’t have any Taste of Home cookbooks, although I would love to change that!

  6. A very old church cookbook, but I love Taste of Home!

  7. 1954 Betty Crocker

  8. Anything by Ina Garten

  9. It is hard to choose a single favorite cookbook. “The Good Housekeeping Cookbook” printed 1944. “The L.L. Bean Book of New New England Cookery”. And finally, “The Stillmeadow Cookbook” by Gladys Taber.

  10. Bernard’s Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads

  11. Fannie Farmer is one of my favorites. Happy Holidays

  12. The taste of home holiday cookbooks are me favorite.

  13. I love the Taste of Home Church Supper recipe book.

  14. I love real cookbooks but my most favorite collection of recipes is the cookbook my grandmother made recipes from her and her church and other family members. I love recipes from real people that have been tried and tested and are actually good and easy to make

  15. I collect Cookbooks of all types. But I would have to say my ‘go to’ favorites are Betty Crocker and Good House Keeping. would love to add Taste of Home to my collection!

  16. I used have a great selection of cookbooks but lost most of them due to an unfortunate incident in my apartment. If I had to pick a favorite it would be a tie between Joy of Cooking and Southern Living; however, I feel Taste of Home would become my new favorite based on the recipes I’ve seen online and in the magazine.

  17. Joy of Cooking!

  18. My favorites are old church cookbooks I find at garage sales. National treasures!

  19. Better Homes and Gardens- the red and white cook book- just like my mom used when I was a kid


  21. My favorite cookbook of which I have many is”Cooking in Amish Country”. My husband says before long we will have to build a room on our house just for cookbooks.

  22. I love trying new cookbooks recipes….

  23. Betty Crocker and Taste of Home

  24. My favorite cookbook is La Bouche Creole.

  25. I have a cookbook from All Recipes that I refer to all the time. I’m not even sure you can purchase that cookbook anymore since everything is online.

  26. My favorite cookbook is an old church cookbook. My go to for many recipes.

  27. My go to cookbook has always been Betty Crocker

  28. I am an avid cookbook collector, and would love toad this collection of wonderful recipes to my collection. I love Taste of Home, and discovered them when a friend had your wonderful magazine in her home. What a GODsend..I I love them, and follow on Pinterest, Facebook, get the emails, and have made many recipes. Hot Milk cake was my first favorite! Please send me a copy, I would be a happy girl.

  29. My favorite are from taste of home that i get in my mail box

  30. My favorite cookbook is The Joy of Cooking. It’s a classic!

  31. Joy of Cooking is one of my favorites.

  32. My favorite cookbook is Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book. It’s really old but it’s great!

  33. My favorite is the Joy of Cooking.

  34. I have been a long time fan of Taste of Home since it first come out. My Mom would always give me a subscription every year. I have many, many good recipes from Taste of Home that I use regularly.

  35. I love all the Southern Living cookbooks–cannot choose just one.

  36. My favorite cookbook is Pots, Pans, and Pioneeers, an old one made using local recipes.

  37. My daughter has taken from me my love of reading cookbooks and baking. I read them as I would a good book. I love when I can add to my collection.

  38. Looks like an amazing cookbook!

  39. I love Better Homes and Garden. It has been in our family for years. I was given it by my Aunt who has long passed away. I would like to try something new and exciting.

  40. Taste of Home & my old Betty Crocker cookbook.

  41. Really old Good Housekeeping cookbook my mother gave me.

  42. I learned to cook from Better Homes and Gardens so many years ago. Still have it and still use it. I love Taste of Home subscribed for years. Would be very thrilled to win this cookbook. Thanks.

  43. I love all sorts of cookbooks. I’m forever searching in libraries, bookstores and even thrift stores for out of prints!My favorite cookbook is The Fanny Farmer Cookbook. It helps me to cook absolutely everything! But the Taste of Home cookbook could come very close! I would love to have it!

  44. The Betty Crocker cook book is an oldie but favorite

  45. I love TOH cookbooks and their magazines go to all the time

  46. the one I go to most often is one that was given to my by my mom for my wedding shower in 1981, the red/white checked BHG

  47. Beard on Bread was handed down to me and is my first stop for recipes. Red Star is the brand I learned to bake with. I try others, but keep coming back.

  48. My favorites are some old Betty Crocker cookbooks that I inherited from my grandmother and mother-in-law.

  49. Cooking Light

  50. Thanks, Red Star Yeast newsletter for a chance to win the Taste of Home cookbook. I have been a subscriber to Taste of Home ever since it was started.
    Love the magazine & cookbooks. You can never have enough Cookbooks, always a new recipe being wrote & tried by all of us. Happy Holidays!!!

  51. We support our great Wisconsin companies, Taste Of Homes and Red Star Yeast are the best!

  52. Better Homes and Garden cookbook that I received as a bridle shower gift in 1974. I still use it today even though it’s falling apart. It’s the reason I fell in love with baking with yeast. I am known in my family for my breads and rolls. They are what my husband and grown sons look forward to every holiday and family gathering. As a newly wed in 1974, I won my in-laws over when I would serve them piping hot bread every Sunday.

  53. That’s bound to be a great selection of recipes. 🙂

  54. The Betty Crocker cookbook I got as a wedding gift some 57 years ago.

  55. My favourite cookbook is an HP cookbook called Best Of Baking, any recipe I have tried has been good.

  56. I enjoy and have learned from Michael Kalanty’s Books, “How to Bake Bread” and “How to Bake More Bread”. Carol Field’s Books are great too, “Bien Cuit” by Zachary Golper has neat concepts, love his wine bread, “Sourdough Jack’s Cookery and other things” by Jack Mabee is a great reference for sourdough, our starter is from 1965 and going strong!The reality is you learn something from every book you read and try. You read, try it, change it to make it yours. Keep a note book of your project, weight, temperatures, times,techniques, environment,the results , and is it a keeper. My thanks to all the people that took the time to publish their thoughts and recipes on baking and my Wife who puts up with my baking projects.

  57. A home extension book called Seems Like I Done I This A Way


  59. Taste of Home

  60. I have several favorites, but the Joy of Cooking I use the most

  61. Joy of Cooking

  62. Taste of Home is a go-to recipe book-it always has the recipe that I want.

  63. It is hard to pick “your favorite” child!!

  64. I love cookbooks, any and all of them. Each one has something good to make.

  65. Better Homes & Gardens Bread Cook Book

  66. My mom loves Taste of Home recipes. We both love Red Star Yeast. I would love to win this book for her!!!

  67. I have a whole shelf of TASTE OF HOME cookbooks, so to say I love,well. Of the people, for the people, by the people!

  68. Joy of Cooking 1974 edition

  69. I love so many of my cookbooks but have always turned to my Taste of Home cookbooks first.

  70. Too many in my collection to pick just one. Love looking through books over and over again.

  71. King Arthur Flour Anniversary Cookbook

  72. I love the Taste of Home Recipes and to have them in cookbook form would be great. Retired now and love to bake.

  73. “From Ann’s Kitchen”,is my favourite and go to cookbook. An Italian cooking bible that contains the recipes for foods l grew up with, and very close to those foods in flavour.

  74. I couldn’t tell you the name of mine. It was passed down from my mother. The pages are yellowing and falling apart. Half of the front is missing. It is older than I am but I love it.

  75. Avtually it’s The Cook’s Illustrated magazines, bound into yearly volumes

  76. My go to cookbook is a Justin Wison Louisanna cooking one.

  77. My grandmothers hand written book passed down thru the family. Some of it is in Ukrainian which makes things interesting.

  78. While I have a ton, I can’t really say I have a favorite.

  79. joy of cooking, and Country cookimg

  80. Betty Crocker

  81. No special one, I have several that I go back and forth for recipes.

  82. A Cookbook! What a great give away. My granddaughter loves going through my cookbooks to see what we can create together…This one would be perfect..

  83. I don’t have a favorite cookbook yet, but all the recipes I have tried from “Taste Of Home” recipes and they have all been well enjoyed. I would love to have this cookbook.

  84. I usually look for recipes online, but would love to have a great cookbook!

  85. Taste of Home always has the best recipes. I would love to own this cookbook.

  86. Love Taste of Home recipes!

  87. My favorite cookbook to date is “The Cake Bible” by Biranbaum

  88. My favorite cookbook is Sally’s Candy Addiction.

  89. I have the yearly Taste of Home Cookbooks. They are all my favorites and my adult children who have to sign them out to use them! Thank you for the opportunity! Merry Christmas!

  90. I love Taste of Home everything!

  91. It used to be The Joy of Cooking, now its not a cookbook…..its recipes from A Taste of Home online…sure could use this book!

  92. I Love Taste of Home recipes and still prefer to reference a cookbook for ideas!

  93. I love the Taste of Home cookie book.

  94. I love Taste of Home recipes.

  95. I receive the Taste of Home emails and the pictures make me drool! I made home made cinnamon rolls about 4 days ago, and it’s the first time that this old lady has done that. I had 1 roll when they were nice and hot and the way the rest of the family was drooling, I should have saved me (hid) a few for later on. When I went to put everything away before going to bed, there was not one cinnamon roll left! I have 1 hard cover cook book (Betty Crocker) that I received as a wedding gift in 1970 and it’s falling apart from use. I would love to have a new cookbook for the last half of my life!

  96. Love Taste of Home! Their online site, magazine and newsletters are wonderful! I’d love to have their cookbook! Thanks Red Star! Your site, recipes and newsletters are awesome too!

  97. Any Betty Crocker cookbook

  98. Crisco cookbooks

  99. I have a lot of favorites, but Southern Living Ultimate Cookbook is probably one that I use most.

  100. I turn to my ancient Better Homes and Garden cookbook, must be the gingham cover. Then for new and different, its Taste of Home, any Dorie Greenspan and Joy of Cooking! I have to admit though as acookbook junkie of sorts I ave a few hundred cookbooks

  101. “The Joy of Cooking” for its great-tasting recipes and comprehensive information.

  102. My most recent purchase that I am really enjoying is “The Baker in Me” by Daphna Rabinovitch.

  103. My fave cookbook is one my parents gave me in 1971. I was 11 years old, and they gave me the Pillbury Family Cookbook. Dad wrote on the first page, “To our blossoming chef.”

  104. Taste of Home is my go to cookbook for most any kind of recipe.

  105. Red Star Yeast is a staple in my cabinet! Love it

  106. Love Taste of Home recipes!

  107. I would love to win this Taste of Home cookbook

  108. the old betty crocker cook book

  109. betty crocker kid’s cookbook….given to me by my other 1965

  110. I love the King Arthur Flour cookbooks. I taught myself to bake bread with them. This Christmas I’ll bake more than 72 loaves of cinnamon swirl bread based on a recipe I adapted from their cookbooks, using Red Star yeast.

  111. TOH annuals are my go to cookbooks, also enjoy Ratio, Seven Fires, and many others – also community cookbooks…..how can you choose just one favorite?

  112. Currently it’s any online recipe as I am living with Family.

  113. My favorite cookbooks are all from Taste of Home: Contest Winning Recipes, Healthy Cooking, and the TOH Annual Recipes cookbooks. I look forward to the Taste of Home magazine each month for new and delicious recipes to serve to my family and guests.

  114. taste of home I have a collection

  115. Layered is my favorite cookbook

    • Bernard Clayton The complete book of pastry as well as his bread book .

  116. Joy of Cooking

  117. taste of home cookbooks are my favorite

  118. Taste of Home cookbooks are my favorites, especially the ones that have my recipes in.

  119. Taste of Home magazines are great, I’d love to have the book!

  120. Taste of Home has been our go to recipe books

  121. OH no..haha..I have multiple faves..some vintage too.
    From Ina to ree.
    Old vintage..the river road series to silver palate.
    To all the classics joy of cooking etc. even BC original.
    I subscribe to taste of home for me and or my aunt for recipes..ditto for southern living..for years!

  122. Taste of Home Soups and Sandwiches is my favorite cookbook.

  123. I have always loved Taste Of Home. I &my family would soooo enjoy this book!

  124. I believe that Taste of Home recipes are the ultimate Best. Winning this cookbook would be the best Christmas Gift, I could ever ask for.

  125. I receive :Taste of Home” magazines and love them!!

  126. How to cook everything by mark bittman 1st edition

  127. I grew up using Betty Crocker , and have evolved from there… She was an awesome teacher. But I love TASTE OF HOME.

  128. Nice cookbook, would love to win!!

  129. I have several Taste of Home cookbooks and many recipes from them have become my go-to recipes when I pressed from time. Would really enjoy a new one.

  130. I have Taste of home Soup book and this would make an awesome addistion to that!

  131. That’s a difficult question. I adore Southern Living editions, Cooks Country and ATK (the full boat) for different reasons.

  132. I enjoy all of my cookbooks-have both the “joy of cooking books” and many others, can’t get enough cookbooks.

  133. The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day iss my new favorite, but I have many in my collection

  134. My favorite cook book is The Taste of Home 9×13 cookbook. This is wonderful for a large family gathering.

  135. I like TOH.

  136. I don’t know how I could choose just one favorite!

  137. Fannie Farmer Cookbook

  138. I’m a cookbook collector and have many that I love! I turn to “The Complete Book of Baking by Pillsbury” as I prefer baking over cooking!

  139. Joy of Cooking 🙂

  140. It’s so hard to pick a favorite cookbook.

  141. Have to say my “Betty Crocker” cookbook, in great condition considering it’s over 50 years old. . . . Best compliments on recipes made from this edition.

  142. Angels Cookbook

  143. Taste of Home

  144. 1950’s Betty Crocker

  145. I would enjoy this one. Oh Please Please I need new recipes!

  146. One of my favorite cookbooks is Taste of Home 1999 Quick Cooking Annual recipes.

  147. Bogalusa Centennial Cookbook!

  148. Betty Crocker

  149. “Cajun Cookin'”

  150. Down Home Country Cooking

  151. America’s Test Kitchen

  152. It would be my Betty Crocker cookbook that I have had for over 40 years.

  153. I have always loved my Betty Crocker Cookbook since I was a kid.

  154. Aunt Bea’s Mayberry Cookbook.

  155. Too many to pick just one! Most of mine are for Italian food so some variety would be nice!

  156. Bread Illustrated. I just got back into bread baking. I love to cook & bake. I’ve been a subscriber to ToH magazine for years. Would love to win this cookbook!

  157. I have always loved the Taste of Home magazines and I can only imagine this cookbook would be a treasure.

  158. Even though I’ve given away some of my cookbooks, trying to downsizing, I still like receiving new ones.

  159. I love Taste of Home cookbooks although this is one I do not have. I have four granddaughters and I started giving them Taste of Home cookbooks when they turned 10

  160. Love the Betty Crocker Cookbook and the many church sponsored books.

  161. That is a very hard question. I love cook books. I sit and read them like other people read magazines. I have several Taste of Home cookbooks. I have to admit the go to cookbook at my house is the Better Homes and Gardens I got in high school 50 years ago. I use other books but always go to that one for basics and my banana nut bread. Yum

  162. My favorite cookbook is the one I got from my mom. It has her handwritten notes in it along with the notes from her grandmother that were in the book when my mom got it. The book is almost 100 years old. And yes, I still use some of the recipes.

  163. thank you for the chance

  164. My favorite cookbook is Crazy Sista Cooking by Lucy Buffett. It is my go to book!

  165. I love ALL cookbooks – can usually find a few very recipes in each!

  166. Mastering the art of french cooking.

  167. Favorite cookbook? Why it’s my very own church’s cookbook. Everyone’s best recipes between two covers. That’s the same secret to success that Taste of Home uses.

  168. My current favorite is Betty Crocker. My newest favorite would be Taste of Home – so please pick me!

  169. My favorite cook book is my Betty Crocker cookbook. I got it at my bridal shower 35 year ago. I love, love cookbooks! I read them from cover to cover and then go back a start making the recipes.

  170. I got a Fanny Farmer cookbook when I got married and still use it. I am always looking at recipes, Taste of Home is great!!

  171. Love Taste of Home.

  172. I love Taste of Home. I get daily recipes in my inbox!

  173. I love Taste of Home. I get daily recipes in my inbox.

  174. Can’t count the number of recipes I have made from Taste of Home magazines. Just love them!

  175. Would love to win this. I love Taste of Home recipes – always come out perfect.

  176. I love Taste of Home and have subscribed to it for a long time. I would love this cookbook…

  177. My favorite cookbooks are those with tried and tested recipes like those at TOH

  178. I still have the very first TOH magazine–I go to my annual cookbooks all the time to look up a recipe. I love this book, magazines etc

  179. While having new cabinets installed n kitchen, All my cookbooks mysterically disappeared. Really need a good cookbook!!!

  180. Love Taste of Home. Have a few of their books already. Would love to have this one. Thanks and good luck to all who enter. Merry Christmas.

  181. All my cookbooks got ruined by a water leak —– I REALLY NEED A COOKBOOK.

  182. Taste of Home is as real as your mothers & grandmothers cooking, I love there recipes and ideas…Makes you feel young again.

  183. I have enjoyed Taste of Home since the beginning of the magazine. I trust the recipes to be accurate and tasty.

  184. I always use Taste of Home recipes. I would love to win.

  185. Love all your cookbooks and all your recipes

  186. I would so love to own Taste of Home cookbook I like the the recipes of Taste of Home.

  187. Taste of Home has the best cookbooks

  188. Have subscribed to magazines for years. Go on website for recipes.

  189. Love cookbooks and read them with great enjoyment. This one looks like it would have a lot of great recipes to try.

  190. My favorite cookbook is Taste of Home. I Love Love your recipes. The cookies and cakes don’t just look great they are. Thank you for my parties always being great because of your recipes. Keep them coming. Thanks for all your emails

  191. Would love to win this cookbook

  192. I don’t have a favorite cookbook – I like them all. Would love to add this one to my small collection.

  193. I collect cookbooks and love all my Taste of Home Cookbooks. Would love to have this one too.

  194. I am always looking for new recipes because I love to cook and bake. I try to find your books in the library

  195. I love Taste of Home books and the magazine. I always use Red Star Yeast. Have been baking for 50 years and have passed the love of baking to son and daughter.

  196. I would love to win this cookbook, then I would let my daughter keep mine and I would have a new one. I love Taste of Home cookbooks and get the newsletter.

  197. I love Taste of Home cookbooks and recipes! I own 9 cookbooks and am always on the lookout to add more to my collection.

  198. My favorite cookbooks are my Taste of Home ones.

  199. Love Taste of Home cookbooks!

  200. I would put this to good use!!

  201. love your cookbooks been buying them for years

  202. I’ve subscribed to the magazine for years, buy special issues on the newsstands, and receive email newsletters. Having this cookbook would mean more yummies coming out of my kitchen!

  203. Taste of Home recipes are notorious for being the best! I have printed many Taste of Home recipes from my computer, but I do not have their cookbook. Good recipes are meant for sharing, and I enjoy sharing them with others. Thank you for considering my entry.

  204. Love Taste of Home!!!

  205. Love Tast of Home!!!!

  206. Love to own the cookbook. fingers crossed.

  207. I would love to win this Taste of Home cookbook

  208. Any and all TOH recipes!

    • Any and all Taste of Home recipes, cook books, magazines, on line. They are all delicious!

  209. i don’t have a favorite cookbook

  210. I love Taste of Home. Have so many cookbooks and magazines and now that I am retired I actually am cooking and baking more! The recipes are some of my favorites.

  211. My Taste of Home subscription.

  212. I love Taste of Home recipes.

  213. Christmas coffee cake is my favorite

  214. Layered

  215. What does a rafflecopter widget look like?

  216. The one I am currently reading. There are so many wonderful cookbooks out there that my favorite is always the current one.
    Sorry but it’s hard to puck! I do love the ones with recipes submitted by real people tho as opposed to a ‘test’ kitchen.

  217. I LOVE the TOH cookbooks and already have several of them. Basic tried-and-true recipes are still the best!

  218. Best Baking

  219. I would like to enter for a free cookbook

  220. Any recipe book from Taste of Home is great… I love their recipes

  221. My favorite and still standby cookbook is Betty Crocker. My sister gave me a Hardcover version when I got married:)

  222. I’ve been receiving recipes from Taste of Home for several years. I have always found them to be good recipes with easy-to-follow directions.

  223. Hope I win since I lost all my recipe books in a house fire on July 12th of this year!

  224. Taste of Home has been my favorites since they were first published.

    • Taste Of Home has been my favorite since they were first published.

  225. One of the best sites

  226. I love all receipes from your book, keep going strong with receipes, thanks your friend.

  227. I can’t think of anything I would like to win better than a Taste of Home Recipe Book!!I subscribe to the Taste of Home Magazine and can’t wait to get it every month!! I do use alot of the recipes from the magazines and they are always really delicious!!
    I would love to have the Recipe Book!! I would have all of the recipes in one place and all would be easy to find when I wanted to cook something wonderful for my family!!

  228. What is my favorite cookbook? That is a tough question as they are all my favorites for one reason or another. I guess the one I use the most is the one I put together in a journal book….of all of my favorite recipes that I have stumbled across over the years. Some recipes from family members, some from the Web and some from old cookbooks that have fallen apart. So truly all are my favorite!

  229. I am always trying out new recipes. I go online to Taste of Home for new recipes to try.

  230. I love taste of home, I want the offer for a subscription for 5;00. Thanks

  231. I have loved every recipe that I have tried from Taste of Home. Love the magazines.

  232. I would love to win the cookbook. I’ve been a member of Taste of Home almost 10 years. I have several cookbooks.

  233. Thanks for the chance to win!

  234. Besides Taste of Home I have always used Betty Crocker since I was married
    66 years ago.

  235. I love all recipes. I love to try new recipes . You can never have enough cook books.
    I am always trying new ones, my husband loves it.

  236. Best loved recipes

  237. Taste of Home always has the best recipes!

  238. Taste of home is my favorite cookbook

  239. I’ve been cooking and baking desserts since age five.

  240. This looks wonderful, would love to try some of the recipes.

  241. I have always been very pleased with the recipes in Taste of Home publications. This looks like a wonderful book!

  242. I love Taste of Home magazines. They are down to earth and easy to make. No fancy items to buy. I’ve gotten this magazine for years.

  243. This book looks great

  244. Would LOVE to win!

  245. The recipes that they offer are awesome! Always look forward to getting the emails with new recipes.

  246. Taste of Home

  247. Love all the recipes I get from Taste of Home and would love to have them all together in a cook book

  248. My favorite recipes come from Taste of Home. Carol Earley

  249. I receive Taste of Home on my email and love the recipes.

  250. I have always loved Taste of Home.. I would so enjoy this cookbook

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