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Red Star Yeast Bake Up A Smile Cookbook Giveaway March 2017

Red Star Yeast Bake Up A Smile cookbook giveaway. Ends 3/26/17.

Here at Red Star Yeast, we believe that “treating yourself to homemade” is all about creating memories with your family as you bake – and eat. We’ve teamed up with some of our favorite bloggers to bring you deliciously irresistible recipes. Whether you are new to baking with yeast or a seasoned pro, these recipes are sure to Bake up a Smile!  NOTE: this is also available as a free downloadable eBook here >> eBook download.

We’re giving away one cookbook to three (3) lucky winners! Enter (USA and Canada addresses only) using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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  1. I get recipes from search for what I want to make

  2. I love a variety of resources for baking from my moms recipes to websites like the food network and allrecipes.

  3. my old family cookbooks

  4. I use online websites, plus my mom’s extensive cookbook collection.

  5. cook books and on line

  6. I get recipes online & at the library.

  7. I find fav recipes on websites but mostly with my mom’s cookbook that has been in family forever

  8. I’m building my collection slowly. I love baking specific books the most

  9. I love cookbooks.

  10. Not much experience with yeast… need a cookbook

  11. Cookbooks compiled by CA Home Economics teachers.

  12. I find a lot of interesting recipes on the Fine Cooking Facebook page, and my mother’s Betty Crocker cookbook – which she got as a wedding present – is a definite go-to.

  13. I love Red star yeast and it has always yielded amazing breads !! I usually look for inspirations online using websites like myrecipes or cookbooks and mostly using my own ideas to bake breads and cakes ! Hope to win this book and add in to my collection of cookbooks 🙂

  14. I use the email from Allrecipes a lot or look ones up on the net. I would like to try using more yeast but I am not so good at it.

  15. I love looking at brand name sites and individual blog sites. I love baking and it would be great to have a book from you.

  16. Getting recipes from qualified web site is now my way to search recipes. I like Red Star Yeast and King Arthur Flour — they are the best!!!

  17. I have a large collection of recipe books, some of which I’ve inherited, so I’m rarely out of bew recipes to try.

  18. The only bread I eat is homemade breads, especially warm right out of the oven. Yum

  19. I like the recipes from KA Flour and Red Star Yeast, since the recipes are so well tested. I also have cookbooks for no-knead breads.

  20. Love to watch the red star yeast proof in my measuring cup.

    • Making my recipe of “dishpan bread” that makes 5(yes, five) loaves at a time gives me some to give away .

  21. would like to try a receipe book from you.

  22. I have been baking for just over two years. I love baking from scratch. I have just started attempting bread. I have been so afraid of yeast and the process. I love the recipes and most importantly the Baking lessons on this site.I only use Red Star yeast and so far my first three recipes have been successful. Thank you

  23. pioneer woman has been a go-to lately

  24. Using Red Star Yeast makes all my breads turn out better than what I thought they should be.

  25. Cookbooks & websites, & from memory

  26. I love looking online especially AllRecipes.com

  27. I started learning how to bake yeast bread as a member of a 4-h club in Illinois. My mother always used red star yeast.

  28. i find most of my favorite bread/pastry recipes on line, mostly through brand name web sites! There are some good recipes on other sites as well.

  29. I am 85 years old and I use Red Star Yeast because that is what my Mother always used with such good results.

  30. Love to read cookbooks to find a recipe.

  31. My favorite place to get recipes in on the internet.

  32. Great Prize !

  33. Looks good.

  34. My favorite place to get recipes is online. I do a Google search for something I have a craving for & then I check out my options for it online.

  35. I make all of our breads here-no store bought loaves for us. I’d probably wear this book out! 🙂

  36. Love baking bread- sourdough is the thing right now!

  37. I usually find recipes on Facebook and Pinterest.

  38. I love getting recipes from RedStar Yeast and from King Arthur Flour websites.

  39. Favorite place to get recipes is on-line, most times it’s by someone else’s Facebook posts.

  40. I love to bake bread with my bread machine. I never buy bread anymore it just doesn’t taste the same.

  41. I’ve only recently started baking my own bread, so I like going to the websites of Red Star Yeast and King Arthur Flour (even though KA isn’t available where I live). The recipes are all foolproof!

  42. at yeast or flour sites

  43. Most of my recipes come from cookbooks! Love to collect them! Read them like novels!

  44. My best recipes are from friends and on facebook.

  45. I get them online and facebook.

  46. HELP. I am lousy at baking with yeast.

  47. I love looking at old cookbooks for inspiration!

  48. Love, love love Red Star Yeast! It’s the only yeast I use!

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