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Red Star Yeast Bake Up A Smile 2018 Calendar Giveaway November 2017

Red Star Yeast 'Bake Up A Smile' 2018 Calendar Giveaway | Enter to win a copy of the Red Star Yeast 'Bake Up A Smile' 2018 Calendar. Filled with gorgeous recipe images to inspire baking year-round! Contest ends on 11/12/17 at 11:59pm CST.

Here at Red Star Yeast, we believe that “treating yourself to homemade” is all about creating memories with your family as you bake – and eat. Whether you are new to baking with yeast or a seasoned pro, this 15-month calendar is sure to inspire you to bake year-round!

We’re giving away one calendar to twenty (20) lucky winners! Enter (USA and Canada addresses only) using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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  1. love dinner rolls

  2. We love the clover dinner rolls and the yeast rolls. Enjoy making rolls or bread watching that dough rise is awesome!!!

  3. Mom’s sweet dough rolls

  4. All American Pizza

  5. Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

  6. Gingerbread bagels sound yummy!

  7. I have a “secret” recipe that I make a sell since 2000. I purchase Red Star Yeast by the pound. Great yeast, consistent results.

  8. Yummy Yeast Rolls

  9. My favorite dinner roll recipe comes from an old Southern Living cookbook for Parker House rolls. Except I shape them into crescent rolls. It’s a great cheat.

  10. I’ll be baking dog treats, 5-7 different cookies and making my famous almond roka-like candy for the holidays.

  11. I’m an old fashioned girl. I make everything from scratch! Love this yeast. Teaching my son and granddaughter.

  12. All the recipes for the rolls look wonderful.

  13. We love French bread hard rolls. YUMMMMM.Love redstar. Would love to win the calendar!

  14. My favorite is a 60 minute dinner roll recipe our school cook shared with me. It’s easy, tried, true and delicious 🙂

  15. Thank you for continuing to produce a high-quality product. Both Grandma and Great-Grandma used Red Star in their baking and it never failed them. Now that I bake bread I hope to be able to say the same when I 103! My families favorite roll recipe is http://allrecipes.com/recipe/17690/sweet-dinner-rolls/. My teen girls love it because it is started in the bread machine, so they know it is well mixed before they form the rolls while I am at work.

  16. I would love this calendar as it would inspire me to take up baking again. Thanks!

  17. I don’t really have a favorite recipe for rolls – I enjoy trying different ones.

  18. Our favorites are Vita B Bread, the beer bread, and the egg braid! Also, my buttery dinner rolls… Red Star Yeast is the ONLY yeast I use!

  19. Nothing better than warm homemade bread!

  20. Red Star Yeast has been a family brand! This is the brand I buy because growing up my mom trusted you brand so we just know what to use! My mom makes the best “grandma’s buns!” Would love to have one of these calendars!

  21. I always check your web site for recipes that I can count on. We love all dinner buns, pizza, bread cinnamon buns, and now to try brioche buns. Oh your hamburger buns are the best.

  22. I love using Red Star Yeast in the breads and rolls.

  23. I enjoy having old fashioned dinner rolls.

  24. I love Parker House rolls

  25. Not so good with yeast dough. Need lots of help. Maybe the calendar would help.

  26. Classic Dinner Rolls

  27. I’d be so pleased to received one of these awesome calendars. Thank you!

  28. Yeast rolls!

  29. Sourdough all the way!

  30. Parker House Rolls – I love how they pull apart!

  31. Honey rolls!

  32. I am a dedicated baker and love to encourage younger generation to enjoy baking. Red Star yeast provides optimum success in my complimented rolls. Enjoyment begins at the first rise filling the scent of love in the house.l

  33. My favourite rolls are Gramma McCreight’s sweet cloverleaf rolls. They are like puffy marshmallow clouds and the rave of family dinners. Have made them for over 40 years and always look forward to bringing them at a family gathering. Miss Grandma and her traditional recipes.

  34. Crescent rolls are our family favorite

  35. Way too many to name to have a fave.

  36. I love to bake any kind of “yeasty” bread, roll, or pastry. I especially love cinnamon rolls.

  37. I use a white bread dough made into rolls from a recipe I saw in one of my bread baking groups I belong too. It is a no fail recipe and so delish.

  38. Cinnamon roll, yum

  39. Moomies Buns!

  40. I love, love, love, your Platinum yeast! Also still trying many of your recipes.

  41. Challah rolls!

  42. Hawaiian rolls are my favorite.

  43. Potato rolls are my favorite.

  44. Red Star has always been the yeast of choice. My mom used the cake yeast. Favorite memory her making potato rolls after a big dinner with leftover mashed. I now love baking Eastern European Poppy & Nut Rolls. Thanks!

  45. I use your Red Star active dry yeast for all of my yeast baking. I love using it to make my “this and that” bread, for English muffins, for dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls. Thank you for making an excellent product.

  46. Amish Dinner rolls. Yummy.

  47. Brioche rolls are my favorite.

  48. I make buttermilk dinner rolls and everyone LOVES them.

  49. Sourdough Rolls are my very favorite of all time.

  50. I love using Red Star Yeast in the breads that Imake along with my Mom’s Sunbeam Rolls.

  51. I just love to bake!

  52. Potatoe rolls are my goto favorite dinner roll.

  53. YUM!

  54. Snowflake rolls are my favorite.

  55. i would have to say, my nannie, who;s in heaven now, her recipe= back in the day, it was a little of this, alot of that., and pinches and dashes!! it took me years to figure this out! this way i can leave a complete recipe for my granddaughter!

  56. Love your Fluffy No Knead Refrigerator Rolls — Delish! http://redstaryeast.com/fluffy-no-knead-refrigerator-rolls/

  57. Roll-wise I’m a sucker for a well-baked cinnamon roll with or with out raisins or nuts

  58. Have never tried rolls, but I love the Easter bread my mother-in-law made. I make it now for my husband and grown children.

  59. Big Soft Fluffy yeast rolls with honey butter

  60. Why open a can when you can bake these delicious Crescent Rolls fresh and hot from your oven in no time: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/crescent-dinner-rolls Your family will thank you!!

  61. I don’t really have a favorite recipe for rolls – I enjoy trying different ones.

  62. 30 minute dinner rolls

  63. I love rolls that are crusty on the outside and tender inside! Warm enough so that the butter just melts all over my fingers! Red Star yeast always gives great results too!

  64. Homemade pizza is the best. The crust is always the best part!

  65. I love using Red Star yeast! That’s the only yeast I buy to make my wonderful Parker House Rolls and many other goodies! I got stocked up on my Red Star Yeast and I’m gonna be baking a double batch of my Parker House Rolls for Thanksgiving Dinner!! Every one loves them!! I would love to have the calendar to hang in my kitchen to make all the great recipes in it! I get your wonderful newsletters!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win the calendar!
    Hugs, Teresa

  66. Sweet Potato Clover leaf Rolls are great. Easy to make and makes the guests think you are fantastic Baker! “)

  67. I love all rolls. My favorite is a 30 minute roll recipe, they’re quick and dense and delicious!

  68. I enjoy Parker house rolls

  69. Love trying new bread recipes.

  70. These recipes look amazing!

  71. My grandmother’s refrigerator rolls — slobber, drool.

  72. I love a whole wheat and molasses roll.

  73. Grandma’s potato rolls. Miss her smile.

  74. Most all dinner rolls are my favorite. Great website, informative with lots of recipes.

  75. Look forward to your newsletter

  76. Would love this calendar for my office at work!!

  77. potato rolls are the very best for holiday meals, especially when accompanied by a luscious gravy. Have been member of Red Star Yeast for 4-5 yrs now and have utilized many of their recipes as well as their Platinum Yeast.

  78. I like the 2 hr rolls, i can have them done quickly while doing other things

  79. I am just starting to bake and would love a calendar like this. I made my first loaf of bread last week. It was a huge success and my five kids loved it!

  80. homemade dinner rolls

  81. I have never made them but would love to find an easy recipe to start with!! I bought two kinds of your yeast, quick (pizza) and regular. Now to find the recipe! Thank you also for the chance to win a calendar!

  82. Hawaiian rolls are my all time favorite. The best with BBQ


  84. What’s your favorite dinner rolls recipe?
    My favorite dinner rolls recipe is the basic daily bread recipe that my Grama had used my whole childhood. It originated from her Great-Great-Great Grama back in Italy. It was passed down to each of the children so that “You will never go hungry” as Grama used to tell us. Today, I will be proudly passing the recipe down to my daughter…teaching her how to make Grama’s daily bread.

  85. I make Traditional Rolls, egg&scalded milk, recipe from my 1969 Betty Crocker Cookbook. Great recipe for cinnamon rolls too.

  86. I love the honey butter rolls from averiecooks.com

  87. My favorite are definitely Parker House Rolls.

  88. Pumpkin cranberry rolls!

  89. I really like the Hawaiian dinner rolls

  90. I’ve never made dinner rolls. I frequently make cornbread to eat with dinner and I have made whole wheat burger rolls. Now that I finally have a stand mixer I am eager to try making ciabatta rolls.

  91. I have no idea if this is where I leave a comment for the calendar – sorry, but I appear to be too old to understand the widget (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it).

    I’ve been baking with Red Star Yeast for over 65 years and it has never, ever let me down – I will never tire of that homey, delightful yeasty scent as bread or cakes or rolls are rising. My favorite roll recipe is: https://gatherforbread.com/amish-dinner-rolls/ I had misplaced my original recipe and then found this one from Melanie – it couldn’t be more close to the original.

    The rolls come out perfectly every time and the idea to mix and shape them and put them in the refrigerator the day or night before is a Godsend.

    I do hope that this comment will enter me in the contest for the calendar but what I really wanted to do was to share this old Amish recipe from Melanie – you all will love it especially if you want to prepare these rolls for Thanksgiving.

    Thank you so much and sincere best wishes to all.

  92. I like Classic Dinner Rolls. Really I like any dinner roll.

  93. Hard to pick my favorite as I love any kind of yeast roll/bread savory or sweet; but I guess it is Potato Rolls as they go so quickly! you know baked & POOF eaten

  94. Home baked breads go hand in hand with the Holidays!

  95. Any Yeast bread or roll is fun to make …I think I know what my God-daughter and I will make next weekend when she comes to stay!

  96. Parker House Rolls

  97. Mamas rolls a recipe I found on REAL Mom’s blog.

  98. I am a novice at baking yeast breads but I have used the “Beginners Cinnamon Roll” recipe many times and so far every batch has been edible. Now that cold weather has come upon us in the Midwest (Kansas) I am going to try more recipes I have printed from your emails.

    Would be a joy to have a calendar that will help me keep track of my days.

  99. Parker House rolls are my favorites.

  100. We love the traditional Parker House rools!

  101. this would great calendar to have

  102. Honey Rolls. I recipe that came with my first bread maker!

  103. A Recipe I found years ago and tweaked to make it my own!! Everyone loves them. I used to make them for our small town restaurant when they had fried chicken on Sundays.

  104. It’s an old recipe my mother used to make – Refrigerator Rolls. Not sure where she got the recipe but I’ve carried on the tradition now that she’s gone.

  105. I usually make the rolls that this lady posted the recipe for. They really come out great!

  106. I love my Nana’s dinner rolls that I grew up eating-the recipe never fails me. Amish Dinner Rolls are wonderful too.

  107. Parker House Rolls are the best!!!

  108. Our favorite roll recipe is sourdough rolls from an old paperback cookbook I’ve had many years.

  109. I love my mom’s white crescent rolls. They are so good!

  110. We like just about any kind of rolls. Our favorite is the Angel Rolls. http://redstaryeast.com/angel-rolls/

  111. Angel Biscuits are a must-have in our household.

  112. will have to try these recipes of the pumpkin donuts and the bread

  113. Love to make homemade rolls & buns.My recipes are in my Blendtec booklet.For my Grands I add coloring to make them rainbow bread.They love that.My yeast rolls are always light and fluffy

  114. A favorite recipe for dinner rolls at our house is for sweet potato rolls–so good! The recipe is from the user manual for a long-since-deceased bread machine, but the rolls come out fine when I make the dough in my newer, modern bread machine.

  115. I use my mom’s dinner roll recipe, they are so light and yummy, thanks.

  116. I love any kind of dinner rolls especially with herb butter.

  117. My favorite is my mom’s, don’t have her recipe!

  118. We are not picky in this house, we don’t have just one favorite. We just LOVE our yeast!!!! We like sweet to savory and everything in between.

  119. Kneaders rolls!

  120. I make Sixty-Minute Curlicue Rolls. I have been making these for decades, they are the family favorite!!

  121. I like to make a Parker house roll

  122. Pull apart dinner rolls

  123. My fave roll of all is one similar to those served at Texas Roadhouse!!

  124. My Grandma’s recipe that I have customized a little bit. But the secret is the Red Star Yeast.

  125. love most ant yeast roll

  126. My favorite roll recipe is for eo minuterolls. They are fluffy and light

  127. I love whole wheat sourdough rolls using my rye starter.

  128. I love whole wheat sourdough rolls using my rye starter.

  129. My favourite dinner roll recipe is an overnight bun that my mom used to make.

  130. I like any and all dinner rolls! I don’t have a favorite recipe.

  131. My Moms BF gave me her bread recipe years ago. Making the dough into rolls, ha burger buns or baguettes is a no brained Thanks for good giveaways and baking recipes

  132. My favorite Roll of all time is a nice yeast Roll. Would love this calendar

  133. Caramel pecan rolls are my all-time favorite. I would like to win a calendar for my kitchen. Thanks.

  134. I would one of these calendars! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  135. I Like Parker House rolls

  136. Cloverleaf rolls are my favorite.

  137. Laura in The Kitchen dinner rolls.
    Sometimes I don’t even do the finishing touch of the melted butter at the end because everyone just starts grabbing them out of the oven. 🙂

  138. My family loves these Honey Butter Rolls! http://redstaryeast.com/honey-butter-dinner-rolls/

  139. The Cheddar Bay Drop Biscuit Recipe is my favorite. Reminds me of Red Lobster’s biscuits. I could make a meal on them. This is the recipe link for it. http://redstaryeast.com/cheddar-bay-drop-biscuits/

  140. I love angel biscuits with any meal!

  141. I love simple yeast/butter rolls!!

  142. Not big on rolls, but I do like cheesy biscuits

  143. Whenever I make soup, these are my go to dinner rolls! They have never disappointed! http://www.piebirds.org/2010/10/easy-homemade-dinner-rolls.html

  144. This would be fantastic! I’ll hang it right in the kitchen so I can see it everyday to remind me to bake bread!

  145. Parker House Rolls.. Mmmm so soft and tasty with butter!

  146. I love sourdough buns & bread…so good.

  147. Soft dinner rolls.

  148. Pumpkin dinner rolls

  149. Buttermilk dinner rolls, yum!

  150. Oil rolls are my favorite.

  151. Simple yeast rolls.

  152. Garlic bread

  153. Crescents rolls are a favorite in my house!

  154. Cornbread is our go to. Seems to always pair with the rustic type foods we like. Runner up would be Potato Yeast Rolls.

  155. I love clover yeast rolls, but just about anything I am willing to try.

  156. honey butter rolls

  157. In 1979, an ex-sister-in-law gave me a dinner roll recipe that was a “family secret”. I use the same recipe today, and it is the best. Guess it is still a “family secret” because I’ve never shared it :). Thank you for this giveaway, I love using yeast to make different breads.

  158. Parker House Rolls

  159. Our all-time favorite is this one:
    Though I also make buttermilk crescents and cloverleaf rolls

  160. yeast rolls

  161. We like making the sweet rolls: http://redstaryeast.com/hawaiian-sweet-rolls/

    They make for good ham sandwich rolls the next day (if there are leftovers!).

  162. http://redstaryeast.com/cheddar-bay-drop-biscuits/
    Cheddar Bay goes so well with any kind of meal.
    I would love the calendar to see all the exciting recipes in there.

  163. buttermilk dinner rolls

  164. Lion House Rolls or Garlic Knots are favorite in this house.

  165. I love sweet bread rolls.

  166. I like to mix bacon bits, ranch dressing mix, grated cheese and butter in a bowl. I roll pieces of dough in the mixture and place three pieces in a muffin tin. Bake at 350 until done. I eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  167. Honey butter rolls! So good!

  168. Yeast rolls

  169. Crescent rolls

  170. Honey Butter Dinner Rolls!

  171. My favorite is my friends two hour dinner bun recipe. Thanks for giveaway.

  172. I love the Freshman Fifteen roll recipe!

  173. These sound like they would make a yummy lunch. http://redstaryeast.com/buttery-jam-biscuits/

  174. I love to make a basic dough and make garlic knots! Basic white dough is so versatile!

  175. Homemade bread is the best!

  176. I like any yeast rolls

  177. Bread machine recipe I developed myself…always a huge hit!

  178. Parker House Rolls

  179. Garlic rolls

  180. Any good whole grain bread recipe is great for the holidays as well as every day! You could use it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Dressing up the bread with fruits & nuts they make a great homemade gift too! Who wouldn’t love ❤️ one?😍

  181. I don’t really have one. Hopefully, there will be an awesome recipe in the calendar.

  182. I love your yeast! I make garlic GF rolls.

  183. It’s a yeast roll recipe that has potato flakes in it, sounds weird but the flavour and texture are great

  184. I don’t have a favorite. Always like to try new recipes for holiday dinner.

  185. My favorite dinner rolls are honey wheat. They’ll definitely be making an appearance at Thanksgiving!

  186. we’ve enjoyed this one for years KAF Golden Pull Apart Butter Buns – https://www.kingarthurflour.com/recipes/golden-pull-apart-butter-buns-recipe

  187. Sourdough it the best!

  188. so many of these remind me of my childhood- mom used to love to bake for us. We would come home from school and the house would smell so good.

  189. Love homemade bread, it’s the best!

  190. I can’t seem to bake bread or rolls – they just don’t rise no matter how fresh the yeast or the recipe I use.

  191. Any yeast roll is good for me 🙂

  192. Onion and garlic dinner rolls!

  193. I love homemade white bread.

  194. The Honey Butter dinner rolls are my family’s favorite

  195. clover leaf roll I make for the holidays

  196. The pumpkin yeast donuts look amazing!

  197. I have a basic dinner roll recipe handwritten from a long time ago and I can’t link it. But its my fave bc they come out perfect everytime

  198. I make my dinner rolls in a cast iron skillet. My kids enjoy them!

  199. Parker House rolls.

  200. Brioche

  201. I like to make dinner rolls with mashed potatoes.

  202. I have a recipe that I make for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter – cornmeal mush rolls. They look like Parker House rolls, but I think they are much better.

  203. I use a homemade crescent roll recipe shaped into dinner rolls. My family loves them.

  204. THis widget is awful. Never understood how it works. I leaave a comment get no entries… How can you enter? Doesn’t make sense

    • Hi Valerie – Your comment will appear after it is approved. I see your entries on the widget, so you are good to go! Good luck!


  205. I have ..or we have many favorites..they are all yours from Hawaii to ciabatta to your cheddar bays..but, my everyday easy and delicious go to is your no knead fluffy refrigerator rolls..to die for.

  206. Cheesy Potato Dinner Rolls – Would love to win this book, I make some kind of bread almost every other day.

  207. My favorite roll recipe is from my husband’s mothers recipe box. He found it and asked me to try and make rolls like his mother made. Several tries with his help, he said they were just like Moms.

  208. Would love a calendar. It should inspire me to bake more often. Will they be available to purchase if I am not a lucky winner?

  209. Would love to get one of these!

  210. We love sourdough rolls, the whole family. The kids just gobble them up!

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